Apple AI Tech iPhone Rumors: Could Boost Your Next iPhone

Apple AI Tech iPhone Rumors: Could Boost Your Next iPhone

A recent Bloomberg report blows the beans, disclosing the tech giant’s secretive work on chatbots and generative AI. Apple has a secret project up its sleeve. According to rumors, Apple is getting ready to make a significant announcement about artificial intelligence this year. What does this mean for your cherished Apple products, particularly your reliable iPhone, though?

Presently, not much. As we’ve previously noted, the primary takeaway from these speculations is that Apple is maintaining its lead in the cutthroat tech market by keeping up with the biggest trend of the year. However, rumors of an impending AI unveil raise anticipation since they suggest that Apple may fully embrace generative AI and chatbots, moving beyond its earlier cautious tests.

However, don’t hold your breath for an Apple-made ChatGPT version in next iPhone firmware releases. There are significant obstacles in the way. It is impractical to run large language models directly on devices, which goes against Apple’s steadfast commitment to user privacy, as they require a lot of computing power.

According to Bloomberg, there are currently no plans to make Apple’s internal chatbot, known as the Apple GPT, available to the general public. Instead, it serves as a playground for the company’s staff. Apple appears to be developing a new framework for creating substantial language models, code-named Ajax, demonstrating their commitment to progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

The excellent auto-correct we witnessed at WWDC 2023 is just one example of how Apple’s AI push, which has become a primary priority, is paying off.

How therefore may the reported generative AI technology from Apple improve our lives in the near future, especially when combined with the increasingly potent Neural Engine present in Apple’s silicon as it advances? Based on previous Apple announcements and speculated features, here is our wish list of AI-powered upgrades for upcoming iPhones.

A genuinely useful Siri:

Face it, Apple’s Siri voice assistant has a lot of room for improvement. While Alexa and Google Assistant also have their limits, it appears that, despite making its debut in 2011, little progress has been achieved in this area. But there is promise on the horizon, with speculations pointing to a potentially game-changing innovation: a new version of Siri that is powered by substantial language models, which will probably be the main topic of Apple’s anticipated AI announcement in 2024.

Apple’s current Siri design, which mainly relies on offline learning done on your smartphone, presents a hurdle. Even with enhancements to Apple’s Neural Engine, this could prevent significant AI-driven gains even while it guarantees privacy.

On older PCs and iPhones, however, several lightweight AI chatbots have already shown that they can operate locally. This raises the prospect of a more conversational Siri, one that improves on the relatively “dumb” and fragmented experience it currently offers while also upholding Apple’s steadfast dedication to privacy. Apple’s efforts to do this are further evidenced by the hiring of John Giannandrea, formerly in charge of Search and AI at Google, in 2018 and recent job advertisements focusing on “conversational and generative AI.”

A more intelligent and engaging version of Siri might change Apple’s AI efforts and usher in a new era of smooth and effective voice interactions for consumers everywhere. Keep an eye out for the tech giant’s potential groundbreaking AI technology advancement in 2024.

An intelligent Health app:

Apple plans to use machine intelligence to completely revamp its iOS Health app in addition to the much-anticipated next-generation Siri. This improved version may launch as soon as this September, according to recent rumors.

It seemed premature for the Health app to use the sophisticated generative AI and chatbot capabilities stated in the Bloomberg story. The new Health app is generating a lot of attention, but it seems like its “intelligence” will be more basic, delivering customized lifestyle recommendations based on heart rate, sleep patterns, nutrition, and breathing data.

But things take a turn. Perhaps the secret to significantly improving Apple’s Health products lies in Ajax, the purported engine underpinning the company’s fast machine learning research. Users could interact with their health data using queries by pairing conversational chatbots with Siri, pushing beyond impersonal summaries.

Notably, Apple’s heightened attention to mental health in iOS 17 raises the prospect of AI-powered services that support emotional wellbeing. According to recent claims, the app may track moods by listening to speech and text conversations. A Health app with greater emotional intelligence may soon be available.

You can be confident that Apple will continue to uphold its steadfast commitment to user privacy. Expect your health information to be completely encrypted on your device and in iCloud, providing the highest level of protection.

Watch out for the Health app’s continual evolution as Apple works to give you a more intelligent and user-friendly way to track and manage your well-being. Healthcare will be redefined in your hands thanks to the convergence of AI and health technologies.

A new fitness coaching service:

According to rumors, Apple is developing a brand-new coaching service with the codename Quartz in addition to the intriguing AI-powered upgrades to its Health app. Quartz is a serious contender for the hotly anticipated major AI revelation in 2024 with an announcement planned for the following year.

One thing is certain, despite the lack of information: Quartz wants to revolutionize your eating, sleeping, and exercising motivation. According to Bloomberg, the service will employ artificial intelligence (AI) and information from your Apple Watch to create customized coaching programs and make suggestions that are specific to each user.

This enormous project might become a key focus for Apple’s ground-breaking Ajax framework, which is made to create extensive language models with amazing conversational and data summarizing features.

Quartz’s cutting-edge AI functions might have a price, similar to Apple Fitness Plus, unlike Apple’s free Health app. Therefore, you might have the choice to improve your fitness journey with Quartz’s premium AI-powered coaching if and when this futuristic service launches on the market in the coming year.

Watch out for an upgrade to Apple’s AI ecosystem that could change the game by giving people the best motivation and assistance for their fitness.

An even smarter camera:

Apple has proven its expertise with features like ‘Deep Fusion’ in the iPhone 11 Pro, which combines the best moments from a pre-shutter burst of photographs. The company is already a pioneer in applying AI (or, as they prefer to call it, machine learning) for iPhone photo processing.

Your photos and movies will get even better thanks to Apple’s renewed focus on generative AI. Expect the attention to be on automated photo editing, a field that Apple has just begun to gently embrace. With simply a press and hold, users may easily edit out subjects, such as people or dogs, according to a clever function that was added to iOS 16 for example.

Apple could potentially expand these ideas within the Camera app with the help of Ajax-powered generative AI advances, replacing the third-party apps’ traditional practice of leaving extensive editing features to standalone apps. Imagine a vastly enhanced “magic wand” automatic editing tool that could quickly remove unwanted details from your photos or perfectly adjust adjustments influenced by your favorite photographers.

Innovative local chatbot-like interfaces, similar to Google Bard’s remarkable image recognition capabilities, might make it simple to go through your Camera Roll and show off the actual capability of AI in image analysis.

Your iPhone’s camera will soon become an intelligent ally, perfecting and improving your visual storytelling like never before, as Apple pushes the boundaries of AI integration in photography. With Apple’s advances in intelligent cameras, the evolution of smartphone photography is about to enter an exciting new phase.

More powerful Search:

Large language models have the ability to swiftly summarize vast volumes of data, which might significantly improve the Search feature on your iPhone.

Swiping down from the home screen and typing into an iPhone’s Search bar is currently a rather hit-and-miss experience, and it can’t handle really detailed, conversational questions that dig deep into the specifics inside Apple’s many stock apps, including Mail, Photos, and Reminders.

Offshoots of Apple’s anticipated Ajax framework may be able to help give the ability to rapidly find anything on your iPhone, even while it may not sound as exciting as a significant AI improvement to Apple Maps or mobile Safari.

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