Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

The core of SEO consists of choosing the ideal keywords through in-depth keyword research and assuring their top rankings and tracking. Monitoring Google keyword rankings on a daily basis is crucial for both bloggers and SEO experts. Publishing articles without keyword targeting is a mistake that website administrators and bloggers all-too-often make.

Fortunately, using tools for keyword research like Semrush or KWfinder just takes ten to fifteen minutes. These resources are priceless for choosing the best keywords to use in your writing. This crucial step is a game-changer, so don’t skip it!

Following the creation of an SEO-optimized post employing the keywords you’ve chosen, your next task is to keep an eye on its search engine rankings while constructing high-quality backlinks with pertinent anchor text.

The goal of any blogger should be to take advantage of the most popular search terms, particularly those that can propel their website to the coveted top pages of search results.

Your chances of ranking among the top 50 search results significantly increase when you carry out excellent on-page SEO. Manage your keywords skillfully to find the greatest competitors in your niche in order to up your SEO game. This information gives you the ability to focus your efforts on the most effective keyword optimization strategies, increasing your chances of showing up higher in search results on Google and other search engines.

To achieve this goal, you need a tool that can quickly tell you where a particular keyword appears in Google’s search results without requiring you to laboriously browse through many pages by hand.

In order to make it easier for you to verify the position of your target keywords in Google, we have put together a collection of outstanding free internet tools. By streamlining the procedure, these tools let you concentrate your efforts on the most important SEO factor—improving your website’s visibility in search engine results.

9 Accurate & Modern Google Position Checker Tools Are As Below:

1. AccuRanker:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

AccuRanker is the best option if you’re looking for a devoted, excellent paid keyword position checker. Through my in-depth assessment, allow me to introduce you to the world of AccuRanker.

AccuRanker stands out right away for its user-friendly UI and simple navigation, which makes for an easy start. AccuRanker expands its functionality to incorporate Yandex and Bing searches in addition to tracking term ranks on Google. Notably, AccuRanker is extremely well-liked for its superb Yandex keyword tracking capabilities.

AccuRanker’s performance is defined by its speed and accuracy. Tracking keyword placements is made simple with amazing speed and accuracy. Impressively, a single click shows a snapshot preview of the search results, a feature that agencies need to provide real ranking proof to their clients find vital.

The real gem, however, is AccuRanker’s keyword position checker tool, which enables you to view rankings specific to the nation or city of your choice. Simply specify your target location when adding a new tracking term. To suit your particular requirements, you even have the option of setting numerous locations.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

In order to meet different keyword tracking demands, AccuRanker offers a variety of plans. There is a plan for you whether you are monitoring a few or many keywords. Additionally, a 14-day free trial is available to get you started, making it available to everyone who wants accurate and efficient keyword position tracking.

2. SE Ranking:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

You can track up to 5 keywords for free with the flexible freemium keyword rank checker tool provided by SERanking. They also provide a generous 14-day free trial. If the trial meets your needs, a smooth switch to a subscription plan gives you continuing access to their sophisticated tracking tools, which include Google, Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo results.

Surprisingly, SERanking has a remarkable 9.4/10 rating on G2, which was compiled from more than 200 customer ratings. You may also target your preferred location down to the zip code, allowing for pinpoint accuracy, and check website rankings at the national level.

To help you get started using the SE Ranking rank tracker tool, here is a quick guide:

  • Create an account on SE Ranking, either a free or paid one.
  • Launch a project and include your website on the platform.
  • Include the precise keywords you want to monitor.
  • Select the search engine of your choice, then provide the required geolocation.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

Once everything is ready, simply click “Add Keywords” to begin tracking. Allow SERanking some time, based on the quantity of keywords you’ve added, to carefully gather the correct ranking information for your monitored keywords.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

The results are presented in an approachable manner that makes them simple to understand and put into practice.

Overall, the user-friendly layout and broad capabilities of SE Ranking’s keyword rank tracking tool make it stand out. Notably, by adjusting the frequency of keyword rank updates to suit your particular requirements, you can optimize your pricing. Take advantage of SE Ranking’s robust feature set to up your keyword tracking game right away.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

3. Semrush:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

Since Semrush takes a thorough approach to keyword analysis, it stands out as my #1 choice on this list.

You have access to a full keyword checking solution with Semrush. It will instantly show you the keywords you presently rank for once you enter the URL of your website or the URL of a particular blog article. To learn more, click on any of the listed keywords to delve further and discover the amount of competition and other details.

Semrush supports both the Google and Bing search engines, enabling you to focus your investigation on the area you want to reach.

Have you ever wondered “What keywords do I rank for?” With Semrush, you’re covered. The URL box allows you to quickly build a detailed list of the terms you presently rank for by inputting your domain name.

A notable feature of Semrush is its user-friendly, professional-grade software interface, which guarantees a seamless experience. Before deciding to subscribe, you can test it out with a hassle-free, no-obligation 14-day trial.

An instruction manual for using Semrush’s position tracking tool is provided below:

  • Open your Semrush account and log in.
  • Go to “Rank Tracking” and then “Position Tracking.”

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

  • Choose “New Position Tracking” by clicking in the top-right corner, then provide your domain name and a descriptive name.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

  • Create your project and adjust the settings to meet your particular needs.

With Semrush, adding keywords for tracking is simple. You have several choices:

  • To import keywords, connect your search engine console.
  • Manually type in relevant terms.
  • Keep track of the top keywords for your domain that Semrush has previously found.
  • You can upload keywords from *.txt or *.csv files.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

Additionally, Semrush gives you the option to set up weekly ranking change notifications, which is a useful time-saving function for SEO consultants that work with clients.

Semrush starts measuring your keyword rank positions after you complete these procedures, giving you priceless information.

Overall, Semrush proves to be a superb tool for monitoring keyword placements in search engines, making it a crucial resource for anyone really interested in SEO.

4. SERPWatcher:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

I’m a big fan of Mangools’ SEO rank tracking tools, mostly because of their fantastic user interface. With its most recent feature, SERPWatcher, you can easily keep track of keyword placements across numerous domains. It gives users the freedom to follow keywords based on their location and platform (desktop or mobile). Consider one of their cost-effective premium subscriptions to increase your tracking options, making sure it fits your budget appropriately. High-quality functionality is provided by Mangools without breaking the bank.

5. Sitechecker:

Numerous international brands trust the rank tracking tool from Sitechecker, and for good reason. Let’s examine some salient characteristics that set it apart from the competition:

  • Versatile tracking: Keep track of your website’s rankings across different platforms, devices, and search engines to get a full picture of your online presence.
  • Timely Reports: Get daily and monthly email updates on your keyword performance to make sure you never miss a beat.
  • Effective Filtering: You may quickly filter keywords based on a variety of criteria, allowing you to concentrate on the information that is most important to your SEO strategy.
  • Precision Sorting: Arrange keywords according to how much their positions have changed, which will help you spot important trends and changes.
  • Customization: To improve your tracking experience, use the Advanced mode to adjust table settings to your unique tastes.
  • Alerts: Stay informed when keywords appear with URLs other than the ones you intended, giving you information about unforeseen changes.
  • SERP Analysis: Conduct thorough SERP analyses for every keyword to learn important competitive insights.

Event Notes: Include notes following noteworthy occasions to help you maintain a historical record of your SEO efforts.

The ability to brand PDF reports with your own logo enhances the professionalism of your client communications for agencies and freelance SEO practitioners. The rank tracking tool from Sitechecker has a wide range of functions to help you boost your SEO game.

6. Ahrefs:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

Although I’m happy with Semrush, Ahrefs is still my #1 pick as a substitute. The extensive feature set of Ahrefs is impressive, and it includes features like the ability to define rankings by nation and automatic keyword discovery for your website. Ahrefs gives you the option to keep a close eye on your competition as well as the performance of your website. For those who are into SEO, it’s a powerhouse.

7. Google Rank Checker:

Learn how effective Google Rank Checker is in monitoring keyword positions in Google search results. Simply enter your preferred term and domain name to use this service, and it will instantly disclose the exact position of that keyword in Google’s results. Use this priceless tool to effortlessly track the performance of your keywords.

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

8. RankWatch:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

One well-liked and reasonably priced keyword rank checker that does more than just show search engine positions is Rankwatch. It offers useful information about CPC and search volume for any keyword or phrase.

You have the option to define the search engine location and select between desktop or mobile devices when using Rankwatch to evaluate keyword rank. It’s a flexible solution that may be used for both single and group keyword tracking requirements.

Here are a few of its standout characteristics:

Extensive Coverage: Global compatibility is ensured by Rankwatch’s extensive coverage, which includes 170+ countries and support for all major languages.

Tracking in-depth: Track sub-domains and sub-URLs, track by city, and even keep an eye on Google featured snippets.
Frequency Options: Choose from daily or weekly rank updates to customize the frequency options to meet your unique demands.
Rich functionality: Take advantage of tools like automated ranking email alerts, keyword classification, ranking screenshots, and advanced filtering.

The pricing flexibility of Rankwatch is one of its most appealing features. Plans for daily or weekly rank updates are available, and strangely, the weekly plan allows you to track more keywords for the same fee. Its attractiveness is heightened by the user-friendly design, and the staff is situated in India, which accounts for the affordable pricing.

For an all-encompassing SEO experience, Rankwatch offers a wide range of functions beyond rank checking.

9. Serpfox:

Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools

New Zealand-based Serpfox is the best option for beginners looking for a simple keyword rank tracking application. Notably, it provides a plan that is perpetually free and lets users track 10 keywords at no charge.

Key characteristics:

  • Tracking that is flexible: Keep an eye on keywords on desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Convenient Reporting: Scheduling reports will allow you to keep track of your rankings conveniently.
  • Flexibility in terms of location: Monitor your rankings anywhere to improve your local SEO campaigns.

Among keyword rank tracking tools, Serpfox stands out as a cost-effective and sensible solution, making it a smart decision for those watching their spending.

Semrush stands out as my top pick among the keyword rank checker tools for monitoring keyword rankings on Google and Bing. You’re sure to enjoy its other features, which include an extensive site audit, a powerful backlink checker, and other amazing capabilities.

Describe your experiences using different keyword position checker tools in the comments section below if you’ve had luck with them. Don’t forget to share this post to help spread the news as well!

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