Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

There is no justification for ignoring your previous posts if you manage a website with evergreen content or run a tutorial blog. I previously offered suggestions for revitalizing outdated blog pieces, and today we’ll explore a terrific WordPress plugin that’s a game-changer for giving your old material a new lease on life or improving your WooCommerce products.

This social media auto-posting plugin is your secret weapon to keep your social networks humming with activity, especially if you operate a network of WordPress websites as an individual or an organization. It’s a desirable add-on service that can boost your revenue if you’re an agency.

Introduce yourself to “Revive Old Post,” a flexible WordPress plugin that is offered in both free and paid versions. It easily interacts with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, sharing your previous postings on each of these sites instantly.

Keep in mind how important it is to share your article several times. This time, though, the winning formula is indefinitely applied. Enter the “Tweet Old Posts” WordPress plugin, an easy-to-use solution for reposting your archived blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and a few other social media sites.

How to use Revive Old Post for Auto-sharing old content:

A simple WordPress plugin called Revive Old Post gives you the ability to quickly setup settings and launch the sharing of your old posts across your selected social networks.

The fact that this plugin is available in both free and pro editions should be noted. By choosing the Pro edition, you can access numerous cutting-edge features, including:

  • Automated image sharing: Makes it simple to share pictures with your posts.
  • Tag and Category Hashtags: For optimum exposure, seamlessly include tags and categories as hashtags.
  • Integration of Custom Post Types: Easily auto-post content from Custom Post Types.
Pricing of Social Revive plugin:

Although there is a free version in the WordPress plugin repository, the Pro version offers the greatest value. For WordPress agencies, in particular, they provide numerous licensing options, such as annual and lifetime licenses.

Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

At just $78.75 for a single license, the Pro version is reasonably priced. Given its distinct market functioning, this price offers exceptional value for the features it offers.

Additionally, this plugin has been around for a while, and the creators are dedicated to continual improvement. They make sure that it is compatible with the most recent WordPress releases and add new features so that your content marketing techniques are always up to date.

How to setup Revive social WordPress plugin:

Even if you’re new to the world of WordPress tools, configuring this plugin is simple.

First step? Connect all of your social media accounts to give the auto-poster the authority it requires to work its magic.

Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

Once the plugin is configured, it assumes control and shares your blog entries automatically at predetermined times. This plugin takes care of the heavy job for you, in contrast to other automation solutions I’ve used, such Tweethunter and SocialPilot, which necessitate human scheduling.

It resurrects your outdated pieces and propels them back into the social media limelight, assuring a constant stream of visitors to your timeless content.

Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

How to begin going is as follows:

  • Look for and Install: Install the plugin, look for “Revive Old Post,” and then activate it.
  • Settings Configuration: Go to the plugin’s settings to configure its parameters.
  • Social Media Authentication: Authenticate it with your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts for social media.
  • Adjust using Hashtags: Include hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Customize Your Shares: Select whether to share a link alone or a link and a description.
  • URL Shortening: Customize your preferred URL shortening methods.
  • Add Personal Touch: Prefix or suffix text to give postings a personal touch and increase engagement.
  • Category Exclusions: Use the exclude option to avoid sharing certain posts that have become irrelevant in a given category.

I like the post exclusion feature in particular because it is a useful tool. It enables you to choose which posts to stop people from sharing, ensuring that only your most valuable information is highlighted.

Best Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress 2023

The simple nature of these options makes configuration simple. Additionally, the plugin gives users the freedom to disable auto-tweeting for particular blog posts. This is particularly useful when you need to focus on a certain category while excluding a certain article.

Revive Old Posts is a vital advertising plugin for WordPress bloggers. Just keep in mind to space out your shares over a sufficient amount of time to prevent annoying your followers.

With the commercial edition, you can connect more than one Twitter account and automatically share featured images with your posts, which is a step up over the free version. The impact and visibility of your shared material are increased by this image addition.

I’d be interested to know about any more strategies you use to automatically push your WordPress material to social media. And if you appreciate this plugin as much as I do, think about promoting it to your followers on Facebook and Twitter.

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