Easy Methods To Restore Permanently Deleted Files And Folder From Google Drive

Easy Methods To Restore Permanently Deleted Files And Folder From Google Drive

In Google Drive, when a file or folder is removed, it is immediately placed in the trash folder. After 30 days, the files are permanently deleted within this garbage retention period. Fortunately, there are procedures you can follow to recover these erased files, preventing the loss of important data. Let’s get started with the quick and efficient ways to retrieve Google Drive files and folders that have been permanently deleted.

Easy Methods To Restore Permanently Deleted Files And Folder From Google Drive

Quick Restoration from the Trash Bin:

A file or folder that you remove from Google Drive temporarily resides in the trash. You have the option to return it to its original place within the 30-day window. The following steps make achieving this simple:

  • Look in the trash for the deleted file or folder.
  • To recover an object, perform a right-click.
  • Choose “Restore” from the menu.

Easy Methods To Restore Permanently Deleted Files And Folder From Google Drive

This quick procedure restores your file or folder to its original position and stops it from being permanently deleted.

Restore Permanently Deleted Files:

Your files seem to be permanently deleted if you skip the 30-day deadline or manually empty the trash. However, there is still some chance because Google offers a way to retrieve files even after this time has passed. The following measures should be taken to begin the recovery process:

  • Contact Google Support if you need help.
  • Click here: support.google.com/drive?p=file_recovery.
  • Use the Google account connected to the deleted files to log in.
  • Names, first and last, are required.
  • Check the box to indicate that you agree with the file recovery.

Google swiftly sends you an email from drive-noreply@google.com acknowledging receipt of your recovery request after you submit it. Although the repair process is supposed to take up to 48 hours, it usually takes about 12 hours. Google advises against emptying your trash at this period to avoid interfering with the recovery process.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this procedure only works with files that you have directly uploaded to Google Drive. The deleted file can be recovered using this procedure if you are the owner. A follow-up email from Google Support confirming the successful recovery of your files is sent once the restoration is complete.

Accessing Restored Files:

When you have the confirmation that the restoration was successful, you can view the files and folders that were recovered. It is simple to gain access to them:

  • Activate Google Drive.
  • Go to the original location where the restored files were stored.
  • Files and folders that you had previously permanently removed are now available and visible.

Easy Methods To Restore Permanently Deleted Files And Folder From Google Drive

Google Workspace Accounts:

Users using Google Workspace accounts go through a somewhat different restoration process. In order to facilitate the recovery of your files, it is advised that you get in touch with your domain administrator if you fall under this group. It’s also vital to remember that the restoration technique now in use restores all deleted files; restoration of a single file or folder is not yet allowed.


In conclusion, the stated recovery techniques can allay your worries about losing permanently deleted files and folders from Google Drive. You can successfully restore your important data by taking action within the 30-day limit or contacting Google Support for help. To ensure a seamless restoration procedure, keep in mind that prevention is vital and refrain from emptying your trash while recovery is taking place. These methods provide a trustworthy method for retrieving deleted files and folders, protecting your data and ensuring your peace of mind, whether you’re a single user or a member of a Google Workspace domain.

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