Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

We had a genuinely special celebration of Friendship Day yesterday. I made it a point to send each of my pals a unique, personalized photograph via WhatsApp. These graphics stood out because despite being produced in large quantities, each graphic included the recipient’s name, adding warmth and authenticity to the greetings.

What’s the secret behind this spectacular customised visual display? Automation is a given. I used a streamlined procedure that made the task enjoyable in addition to being efficient. I started by creating a Google Sheet with a thorough list of the names of all of my friends. I then used Canva to create a visually appealing graphic template after laying the necessary groundwork. I imported my finished design into Google Slides, where the real magic took place. I included a creative placeholder in the template called “Friend’s Name” that was placed there so that it could be changed with real names from the Google Sheet.

Let’s examine the specifics of this creative procedure:

The Source Template:

I’m excited to provide the project’s foundational elements, the raw data and the graphic template. Each graphic’s centre placeholder “Friend’s Name” was skillfully replaced with the relevant names from the Google Sheet.

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

The Generated Graphic:

Look at the creation! The entire Google Slides deck, a beautiful collection of slides created just for each friend. Every presentation is produced by combining the Google Sheet’s template with distinct data from specific rows. This fusion is what creates the warm customization effect, which makes each receiver feel incredibly special.

The adaptability of this approach is what makes it unique. You have the creative freedom to add QR codes, profile images, and other features, creating each image into a work of art with a special meaning beyond simple text personalization.

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

A Step-by-Step Guide: Auto-Generating Images in Bulk:

The method is delightfully simple for individuals who find the idea of creating personalized graphics at scale fascinating. Here is a brief explanation:

  • Create Your Template: Making Your Template Start with a single-slide template in Google Slides and be sure you change the deck’s dimensions to match the size of the image you want to use.
  • Organize Your Data: Create a Google Sheet with the necessary personalisation information in it. You will be creating a distinct image for each row in the sheet.
  • Harness the Power of Document Studio: After installing the add-on, start a new workflow by following the user-friendly startup instructions.

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets


  • Select the Right Task: In this instance, I went with the Append (Combine) job. This gave me the opportunity to make a composite deck with all the personalized photographs on it.
  • Import Your Template: Find the Google Slides template that you created in Google Drive. To fit your automatically generated designs, Document Studio cleverly creates a new deck. A different option is to select an existing deck from the target presentation area.

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

  • Save Your Workflow: Once you’ve finalized the agreement by saving your workflow preferences, you’re prepared to move on to the next thrilling phase.
  • Create the Magic: Press the “Run workflow” button to get the magic in motion. Each row of information from your spreadsheet is taken from Document Studio and effortlessly incorporated into your design, producing a distinct visual for each entry.

Efficient Bulk Personalized Image Creation using Google Sheets

  • Tailor Your Creations (Optional): You have the flexibility to customize your masterpieces to your heart’s content thanks to the freedom to choose particular rows.

The range of potential outcomes is limitless. You may modify this approach to generate a variety of goods, such as quiz certificates, business cards, employee IDs, and even wedding place cards. I started out on this path to create personalized Friendship Day pictures, but you can apply it to create a variety of things. It’s a system that handles designs with only slight text alterations just as well.

Accept the Spark of Individuality:

So, take advantage of this opportunity to add a little personality to your relationships. Why not utilize Document Studio’s power to wow your loved ones with unique photographs for every occasion? The results of the creative journey are sure to be nothing less than magnificent. Let your creativity run wild and let the appeal of customization put a grin on everyone’s face!

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