Embed Images from Google Drive on your Website: Step by Step Guide

Embed Images from Google Drive on your Website: Step by Step Guide

A great approach to easily include multimedia information into your web pages is to embed photographs from Google Drive on your website. We’ll lead you through the basic steps in this beginner’s guide to create links to images on Google Drive, share files, modify permissions, and ultimately embed images onto your website using a different method.

Generating Google Drive Image Links:

You must create shareable links for your photographs before you may embed them from Google Drive on your website. Take these actions:

  • Open your Google Drive account and log in.
  • Right-click the image you want to embed to choose it.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Get link”.
  • You can share the image by using the created URL. Let’s now look at how to distribute the file.
Sharing the File:

You must share the file with the proper permissions in order to guarantee that your image is viewable on your website. This is how:

  • Select “Anyone with the link can view” from the menu.
  • Based on the privacy standards for your website, select the appropriate sharing options.
  • To copy the link to a page, click “Copy link” and it will be added to your clipboard.
  • You can embed the image now that you’ve copied the link.
Changing Permissions:

The default setting for permissions is frequently “View” only. To allow others to download the image or perform additional actions, execute the following actions instead:

  • Locate the image file by returning to your Google Drive.
  • To share an image, select it with a right-click.
  • In the sharing settings, click “Advanced” in the bottom right corner.
  • Depending on your preferences, change the permission level to “Anyone with the link can…”
How Drive Image Links are Generated:

In order to efficiently manage your embedded images and troubleshoot problems, you need be aware of how Drive image connections are created. The links are organized as follows:

  • The primary URL: Google Drive’s primary website address is https://drive.google.com/.
  • File ID: The distinct alphanumeric code used to identify your file is called a file ID. Typically, it follows /open?id= in the link.
  • Thumbnail link (optional): Add /thumbnail? to the end of the URL to see a thumbnail version of the image.
  • Direct link:This is the link you use to immediately embed the image on your website. Usually, it follows /uc?id= in the link.
Alternate Approach:

Here is another way to make direct connections for your drive photographs if you’d want to manage URLs yourself.

Make the Google Drive image file public first, then copy the file link. The URL will appear as follows:


The Google Drive link for the file contains the unique ID ’13XE4Ah1aK5kSGniMbeard9DJ1iuroR_K’. Change it with this URL:

<img src="https://drive.google.com/uc?id=DRIVE_FILE_ID" alt="Google Drive Image" />

With this link, it’s now simple to add photographs to Google Sheets. The disadvantage is that, unlike in the preceding example, you won’t be able to change the image size. There, the width option might be changed to produce images of a certain size.

Congratulations! You’ve mastered the technique for inserting Google Drive images into your website. You may now add multimedia material to your website by creating Google Drive image links, sharing files, altering permissions, and being aware of the link structure. For your picture embedding requirements, the alternative method using Google Photos offers an extra choice.

This thorough beginner’s guide will show you how to incorporate photographs from Google Drive on your website. Create Google Drive picture links, exchange files, modify permissions, and learn a different method for quickly adding multimedia material to your website. Get detailed instructions and learn how to embed photographs from Google Drive right away.


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