Embed Images From Google Form Responses in Documents: Step By Step Guide

Embed Images From Google Form Responses in Documents: Step By Step Guide

With the help of Document Studio’s add-on, you can easily produce perfect papers by utilizing data from Google Sheets and Google Forms. For instance, this add-on may automatically create a PDF document with the uploaded photo and the form responses when a user fills out a Google Form and uploads a photo.

Embed Images in Documents:

The ability of Document Studio to easily insert photos into the papers it creates is one of its best features. Consider a scenario in which you have a Google Form with the option for responders to submit photographs, and you want the images to appear inline in the PDF that is generated. It is simple to accomplish this using Document Studio.

Embed Images From Google Form Responses in Documents: Step By Step Guide

Simply enter the marker below into the template of your Google Document, and the add-on will replace it with the uploaded image:

{{ Embed IMAGE, File Upload Question }}

Additionally, you may enter the required width and height values to customize the size of the uploaded picture via Google Forms:

{{ Embed IMAGE, File Upload Question, width=300 }}
Embed Multiple Images in Documents:

If all of the questions in your Google Form are related to uploading images, the previously described technique functions flawlessly. But what happens if you want to integrate every picture that responders submit into the document that is created using your Google Form? There’s a creative workaround to include numerous photos provided using Google Forms into the final document, even though Document Studio can only embed one image in a single marker.

Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Create a question in your Google Forms that allows users to upload more than one picture. Give this inquiry a name, like “Photos,” and permit users to add a maximum of 5 photos to their Google Drive.

Embed Images From Google Form Responses in Documents: Step By Step Guide

  • New rows will be added to your Google Sheets after respondents upload multiple files and complete the form. The file URLs will be saved as comma-separated values in a single column.
  • Open the Google Sheet where the form responses are being stored, and next to the column with the file URLs, add five more columns. Put “Photo 1,” “Photo 2,” and so on in these columns.
  • To divide the comma-separated values in the file URL column into distinct columns, use the ARRAYFORMULA that follows in conjunction with the SPLIT formula:

Embed Images From Google Form Responses in Documents: Step By Step Guide


Now, add the {{ Embed IMAGE }} tag to your Google Document template. This time, though, utilize the freshly added columns in your Google Sheet rather than the file upload question:

{{ Embed IMAGE, Photo 1 }}
{{ Embed IMAGE, Photo 2 }}
{{ Embed IMAGE, Photo 3 }}
{{ Embed IMAGE, Photo 4 }}
{{ Embed IMAGE, Photo 5 }}

These instructions will help you properly include several photographs from Google Form replies into your papers, which will improve the look and feel of your work and make it more informative. The options for creating documents with Document Studio are essentially endless.


Best wishes! You now know exactly how to insert photos from Google Form answers into your papers. Your content’s visual attractiveness and informative worth will be greatly increased by this unique ability, giving readers a more engaging experience.

You now know how to easily include photos from your Google Form replies into your papers by following this beginner’s approach. Your material will be more enlightening and aesthetically pleasing with one or more photos, improving the user experience.

It is now your turn to apply this information. Go on and produce papers that are memorable, engross readers, and provide the information they require. Happy integrating!

You can now easily integrate photos from Google Form answers into your papers with the help of our thorough beginner’s guide. This step-by-step method will assist you in improving the caliber of your material and giving your viewers a more engaging experience, regardless of the number of photos you use. Get started adding photos now!

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