Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Are you a new blogger looking for an ad network that will let you make money from your brand-new, sparsely visited blog? It’s your lucky day if you said “Yes!” to that question.

We’ll introduce you to three ad networks today that are eager to collaborate with new bloggers.

Due to the excellent quality of its advertisements, AdSense unquestionably stands out as a wonderful ad platform. The approval of AdSense, however, can be a barrier. Even if the “6-month-old domain” criteria has been discredited, not everyone is as lucky as some in getting fast AdSense acceptance.

Not only does original material guarantee AdSense clearance, but AdSense also looks at a number of other requirements before approving your website.

AdSense acceptance can be a distant goal for tiny blogs. As a result, we’ve found a number of other top-notch ad networks that are especially suited for novice bloggers.

However, there is a wide variety of ad networks, and not all of them are the same. Bloggers may be let down by some who refuse to pay them, even when they reach the minimal amount.

But don’t panic; we’ve carefully detailed four reliable ad networks that you can use right away to monetize your blog.

Small publishers are the primary audience for this essay. If you’re just starting out as a blogger, this post is a gold mine of knowledge.

4 Ad Networks for Small Publishers With Fast Approval:


Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

For both new and experienced website owners, Monetag offers a great advertising network. What’s best? To integrate adverts into your website smoothly, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Here is an overview:

  • Register and confirm: The process is simple after you register and confirm your website.
  • Grab an Ad Tag: You can get an ad tag with only a few clicks.
  • Integration: Implement this tag on your website by following the guidelines provided.

For every 1,000 views, you may anticipate earning between $8 and $10, with a reasonable $5 minimum payout barrier.

Monetag provides an automatic solution in the form of the Monetag Multitag if you’d prefer to avoid delving into data analysis to identify the most profitable ad forms. It cleverly shows your viewers the most lucrative advertising.

  • Benefits of Monetag
  • AdBlock avoidance
  • quickly activating
  • advertising that is clean
  • able to work with more monetization platforms
  • Round-the-clock support


  • Inappropriate for adult traffic

Starting with Monetag is simple, and they provide Payoneer, Webmoney, and a number of additional payment alternatives. Try out various ad types to see which ones will yield the most aggressive CPM prices for the sector.

Ezoic Access now:

Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Ezoic is a well-known premium ad network that has historically served websites with moderate to high traffic. They recently launched the “Ezoic Access Now” program, which is intended for younger websites with high-quality content, which is an important step.

Ezoic Access provides a fantastic way for new bloggers who struggle with ad network accessibility to show top-tier advertising on their blogs, increasing their likelihood of making more money than other inexperienced bloggers.

What distinguishes Ezoic Access Now is this:

  • No Pageview Restrictions: There are no pageview limitations, so you don’t need to be concerned about website traffic.
  • Rapid Onboarding: Start in as little as 15 minutes with rapid onboarding.
  • Access to Lucrative Ad Networks: Gain access to profitable ad networks to seize high-paying advertising opportunities.
  • Smart Optimization: Make use of machine learning to automatically optimize your website’s ad placement.
  • Achievable Requirements: A modest 500–1000 monthly page views are all that are required. Achievable requirements.

For new bloggers looking to increase their cash sources and offer high-quality adverts on their websites, this service is a game-changer.


Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Due to its lack of minimum traffic requirements, PopAds, a top-tier pop ad network, is an appealing choice for small-scale publishers. Launched in 2010, it stands out in the market with a 100% fill rate guarantee. It’s interesting to note that PopAds accepts a diverse range of blogs, including those with mature or sensitive content.

To ensure that your earnings are immediately distributed once you reach the minimum payout criteria, join up and activate the auto withdrawal option to optimize convenience.

Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Benefits of pop-up ads:

  • CPM rates that are competitive and beat many peers.
  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • A $5 minimum payout requirement.
  • Automatic money withdrawal without hassle.


  • limited payment choices; just PayPal and Payoneer are available.
  • PopAds stands out for its quick payments and flexible content acceptance policy, making it a potential option for publishers trying to
  • Maximize earnings, especially those without significant traffic.
Revenue Hits:

Fast Approval Ad Networks For Bloggers

Among the ad networks we’ve looked at, Revenue Hits distinguishes out as a unique participant. Instead of using the conventional pay-per-click or pay-per-impression approaches, Revenue Hits concentrates on only compensating you when a click leads to a particular action. For instance, Revenue Hits is used by marketers looking for user information.

This is how it goes: The ad code is implemented by publishers on their blogs. You, the publisher, get paid when a visitor clicks an ad and gives the advertiser their name and email.

Important Qualities of Revenue Hits

  • Earnings per action range from $10 to $50.
  • A realistic payout threshold of $20.
  • There are other ways to get paid, including bank transfers, Payoneer, and PayPal.

Notably, several publishers have reported daily earnings of $10 to $100 or more while using this particular ad network, making it especially appealing for smaller publishers who lack the necessary traffic requirements.

Advantages of Revenue Hits:

  • Astonishingly high CPA rates.
  • Minimal compensation that is competitive when compared to competitors like AdSense.
  • Reliable assistance.
  • Rapid activation procedure.


  • Revenue Hits only rewards activities; they don’t use CPC or CPM payment techniques.

While Revenue Hits might not be as well-known as premium networks like AdSense or Setupad, they do give novice bloggers the opportunity to start their journey toward making money online. Entry-level bloggers can discover a variety of opportunities for cash generating by diversifying their portfolio of ad networks.

Feel free to share your experiences if you’ve previously looked into other ad networks that are working well in the comments section below. Share this information on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter if you know someone who would find it useful.

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