Google Workspace Duet AI Setup Guide

Google Workspace Duet AI Setup Guide

Are you prepared to use the state-of-the-art Duet AI to enhance your Google Workspace experience? We’ll lead you through the simple setup of Google Workspace Duet AI in this step-by-step manual. This beginner’s tutorial will make sure you’re up and running in no time, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to Google Workspace.

Let’s first gain a basic understanding of Google Workspace Duet AI before moving on to the setup procedure. Google’s newest invention, Duet AI, uses artificial intelligence to increase your productivity. Within Google Workspace, it serves as your virtual assistant and makes it simple for you to compose emails, make tables, and plan presentations.

How to setup Duet AI:

Duet AI is currently available for Google Workspace, but before you can begin using Duet AI’s AI capabilities in Gmail and other Google applications, you must complete the following steps.

Purchase the Duet AI add-on:

You’ll need to purchase the add-on to get Duet AI up and running.

  • Start by checking in as an administrator to your Google Workspace at
  • Go to “Billing” under “Dashboard” > “Get more services” The “Google Workspace add-ons.”
  • To begin your membership to the Duet AI service, look for the “Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise” card and click the “Start Free Trial” button. The good news is that a 14-day trial period is available to you without cost.

Google Workspace Duet AI Setup Guide
Assign Duet AI licenses:

It is now time to share the benefits of Duet AI with your team members. Take these actions:

  • Select one or more users by going to “Directory” > “Users”.
  • Select “Duet AI for Google Workspace” from the list of available subscriptions by clicking “Assign Licenses” on the next page.
  • To assign the licenses, click “Assign”.

Google Workspace Duet AI Setup Guide
Here are a few more pointers for utilizing Duet AI:

  • Ensure that English is selected as the preferred language for your users in their Google accounts. By doing this, Duet AI will be able to comprehend their demands and produce correct outcomes.
  • Inspire your users to test out Duet AI and see what it is capable of. They will get more adept at utilizing it efficiently the more they utilize it.
  • Make Duet AI training and assistance available to your users. This will enable them to maximize the potential of the instrument.

Duet AI is not compatible with Google Workspace Business Starter version, so please keep that in mind. In order to utilize Duet AI, it’s also essential that your Workspace users have English chosen as their default language in their Google account settings. These techniques will enable you to quickly increase your Google Workspace productivity by utilizing Duet AI.

Learn about the best Google Workspace Duet AI setup instructions. Use Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Gmail to their full AI potential. Discover how to buy the Duet AI add-on, allocate licenses, and resolve typical problems. Start your adventure with the AI-enhanced Google Workspace now!

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