How To Create Your Own Photo Stickers With Canva: Easy Tutorial

How To Create Your Own Photo Stickers With Canva: Easy Tutorial

Do you want to give your projects or home decor a unique touch? Making your own unique photo stickers can be a satisfying and enjoyable method to accomplish that. This beginner’s guide will show you how to create your very own picture stickers using the user-friendly platform, Canva, utilizing a straightforward step-by-step approach. You’ll be astounded at how quickly, and without any prior design knowledge, you can turn your favorite images into striking stickers that can be used to adorn everything from laptops to scrapbooks.

Add the Photo to Canvas:

With Canva’s user-friendly interface, creating your first sticker is a breeze. To add your chosen image to the digital canvas, follow these steps:

  • Create a New Design: Click the “Create a Design” button to get started. There are many design options available to you, but for stickers, you can select a custom size or a template made specifically for stickers.
  • Upload Your Photo: Once in the design workspace, drag & drop the appropriate photo from your desktop onto the canvas to upload it. To accommodate your vision, adjust its size and location as necessary.

How To Create Your Own Photo Stickers With Canva: Easy Tutorial

Remove the Image Background:

It’s time to give your photo the attention it deserves now that it’s in its proper location. Here’s how you eliminate the background to make your subject stand out:

  • Choose a Photo: Select the picture you added to the canvas by clicking. The editing options for that particular element will then be activated.
  • Edit Image: Find and click the ‘alter Image’ button in the editing menu to alter an image. There will be a number of editing tools available, including the potent “BG Remover.”
  • To use BG Remover: select it by clicking the ‘BG Remover’ option. The background will be quickly removed by Canva, leaving only your subject.
  • Apply the Changes: After being happy with the outcome, click “Apply.” Now your picture is boldly shown on a transparent background.

How To Create Your Own Photo Stickers With Canva: Easy Tutorial

Add a White Outline:

A crisp white border makes it simple to increase the visual impact of your sticker. To add some flair to your sticker, take the following actions:

  • Highlight Your Photo: Make Sure Your Photo Is Still Selected in the Design Space: Highlight Your Photo. You will be able to only make modifications to this element thanks to this.
  • Explore Shadows: Visit the “Shadows” tab in the editing panel to learn more about shadows. You can use the many shadow effects found here in inventive ways.
  • Choose the Glow Option: Selecting the Glow Option From the list of shadow effects, choose “Glow.” Your photo will begin to glow as a result, and we’ll shape that glow into a clean, white border.
  • Glow Settings: Change the glow’s appearance by choosing a white hue for the color, zeroing out the blur for a clear edge, and turning up the transparency to 100% for a striking contrast.
  • Fine-tune Border Thickness: You can change the border’s width using the ‘Size’ slider. Try several things until you find the right thickness.

How To Create Your Own Photo Stickers With Canva: Easy Tutorial

Save and Download Your Creation:

It’s time to save and share your artwork after carefully crafting your photo sticker:

  • Finalize Your Design: Give your sticker a once-over to make sure it embodies your intent.
  • Download Your Sticker: Choose the preferred format by clicking the ‘Download’ button. PNG is advised for stickers due of its support for transparency.
  • Choose Image Quality: To preserve the specifics of your creation, choose the greatest image quality that is offered.
  • Share Your Sticker: Now that your sticker has been saved, you can share it with your loved ones or use it in a variety of applications.


Making your own picture stickers using Canva is a fun experience that helps you to add a little flair to your projects. You’ve been guided through all the necessary stages in this guide, from uploading your photo to adding that flawless white outline. Get inventive, play around with various images, and set out on a sticker-making journey that is all your own.

Learn how to use Canva to make beautiful photo stickers quickly and easily. Create customized stickers for any project by removing background and adding a white border. Today, master the craft of DIY stickers!

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