How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

Are you prepared to advance your email communication? You can easily collect email addresses from your Gmail contacts and arrange them neatly on a Google Sheet with the ground-breaking Email Extractor software. Imagine being able to create and send tailored emails right from this sheet using programs like Mail Merge or Document Studio. But that’s not all. It’s a game-changer that will simplify your communications and help you save time.

Your imported mailing list may contain duplicate email addresses, however this is possible with any well-organized list. It is essential to guarantee the best data quality before starting your email advertising. This takes us to a crucial step: immediately eliminating any duplicate items from your Google Sheet data. Let’s see how you can accomplish this with ease.

Highlight Duplicates in Google Sheets:

Thanks to the potent combo of Conditional Formatting and the COUNTIF formula, finding duplicate data within your Google Sheet is a breeze. Use these steps to quickly find duplicate values:

How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

  • Access Your Google Sheet: Open the exact Google Sheet that contains the data you want to access.
  • Format Menu: Go to the “Format” menu at the top by navigating to it.
  • Conditional Formatting: Choose “Conditional Formatting” from the dropdown menu. With the help of this tool, you may dynamically change the way cells look based on specified criteria.
  • Applying the Rule: Type the range of cells containing possible duplicates in the “Apply to Range” input box. For instance, you can set the
  • Range as A:A to cover the entire column if your email addresses are in column A.
  • Defining the Formula: Establishing the Formula Select “Custom formula is” from the dropdown list under “Format cells if” Decide on the following formula: A:A, A1) > =COUNTIF(A:A, A1)
  • Applying the Changes: After clicking “Done,” the duplicate values in the cells will magically be highlighted.

How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

The COUNTIF Function:

Our key tool in the fight against duplication is the COUNTIF function. It counts the number of cells that satisfy particular requirements within a given range. Consider the options:

  • =COUNTIF(A:A, “apple”) counts cells that contain the word “apple.”
  • =COUNTIF(A:A, “apple?”) counts cells that include the word “apple” or “apples.”
  • =COUNTIF(A:A, “*”) highlights email addresses that end in “”

Keep in mind that the COUNTIF function ignores case and treats “” and “” as identical.

Highlight Entire Row Containing Duplicates:

You might prefer a method that emphasizes entire rows instead of just highlighting certain cells with duplicate values when using Conditional Formatting. You only need to make a minor adjustment to the formatting rule:

Applying to a Wider Range: Change the “Apply to Range” setting to include the entire range of your spreadsheet rather than just the duplicates-containing column.

Making the Formula: In the custom formula, modify the requirement from A1 to $A1 and use an absolute reference for the range. By using this instruction, the row can be changed while the column is kept locked.

The updated duplicate detection algorithm now proudly stands as follows:

<pre class="wp-block-syntaxhighlighter-code">>COUNTIF($A$1:$C$50, $A1)<br /><img class="wp-image-1026 aligncenter" src="" alt="How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets" width="950" height="703" /></pre>
Compare Multiple Columns for Duplicates:

COUNTIFS comes to the rescue for a more complex analysis, where duplicates are found based on the interaction of data across many columns:

Consider that Column A contains email addresses, but Column B has company names. The formula becomes: To find duplicates only when the values in both columns match. A:A, A1, B:B, B1) = COUNTIFS > 1

Remove Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets:

The logical step after implementing our duplication-highlighting technique is data refining. With these two effective techniques, duplicate rows will no longer exist:

Integrated Google Sheets Feature: Draw attention to the column that has duplicate data. Go to the “Data” menu and choose “Remove Duplicates.” Specify if a header row is present and the columns that should be included. When you select “Remove duplicates,” your list is transformed into a spotless work of art. In keeping with tradition, Google Sheets ignores both case and formatting during this process.

How To Efficiently Highlight And Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

Remove Duplicates with Google Scripts:
/** @OnlyCurrentDoc */

function removeDuplicateRows() {

When this script is run, it will meticulously remove duplicates from your active Google Sheet using the information in the first column. You may compare it to having a dedicated helper for data hygiene.

Improve Your Email Campaigns Right Now:

With the Email Extractor program and the art of managing duplicate data, you can transform your email campaigns from ordinary to outstanding. Maintain data integrity as you move from collecting email addresses to sending tailored emails. You are prepared to conquer the realm of effective email communication with the help of our approachable guide and potent strategies. It’s time to maximize Google Sheets’ capabilities and transform your outreach strategies!

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