How To Generate Dynamic UPI QR Codes For Easy Payment Collection

How To Generate Dynamic UPI QR Codes For Easy Payment Collection

The advent of the BHIM UPI payment system significantly altered the payment environment in India. Money is instantaneously transferred from your bank account to the merchant’s bank account by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone and inputting a personal identification number (PIN). The best part is that the transaction procedure is secure because there are no transaction fees and no data about the payer is shared with the payee.

We initially just accepted credit cards as payment at our internet store. However, we noticed a big change after adding the UPI QR Code on our checkout page. More than 50% of our Indian consumers now favor using UPI for payments. One of the biggest benefits of UPI, aside from fast payout convenience, is that businesses don’t have to pay transaction fees to third parties like PayPal or Stripe.

How To Generate Dynamic UPI QR Codes For Easy Payment Collection

Create Dynamic UPI QR Codes:

The world of online payments is changing thanks to the development of dynamic UPI QR codes. You will receive a QR code when you register for any UPI app, including PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, WhatsApp, Amazon Pay, and all other BHIM UPI apps. This code is simple to obtain and share through numerous platforms. Customers can scan this QR code, input their credit card information, and confirm their purchase.

The UPI apps’ QR codes are static and don’t include the customer’s required payment amount. Our UPI QR Code generator can help in this situation. It generates dynamic QR codes that include the payment amount, enabling businesses to manage the total amount due after a customer scans the code.

It only takes a few clicks to create dynamic QR codes for UPI payments by going to You may rest easy knowing that the website values user privacy and does not collect, store, or use any data submitted into the QR code form.

UPI QR Code in Google Sheets:

Embedding payment QR codes in your PDF invoices is simple if you create client invoices using Google Sheets and Document Studio. You can add QR codes to Google Sheets as well as emails sent through Gmail Mail Merge by following a few simple steps.

How To Generate Dynamic UPI QR Codes For Easy Payment Collection

To add a UPI QR code to your Google Sheets, use the following straightforward function:

 * Create a UPI QR Code for payments
 * @param {29.99} amount The amount requested in INR
 * @param {"xyz@upi"} merchant_upi UPI address of the merchant
 * @param {"Blue Widgets"} merchant_name Full name of the payee
 * @param {"250"} size The size of the QR image in pixels
 * @return The QR Code
 * @customfunction

function UPI(amount, merchant_upi, merchant_name, size) {
  if ( {
    return (amount2) {
      return UPI(amount2, merchant_upi, merchant_name, size);

  const googleChart = ``;
  const upiData = `upi://pay?pn=${merchant_name}&pa=${merchant_upi}&am=${amount}`;
  return `${googleChart}&chs=${size}x${size}&chl=${encodeURIComponent(upiData)}`;

Now, utilizing the UPI function along with the IMAGE function, you can quickly add QR codes to any cell in your Google Sheet. Here’s an illustration:

=IMAGE(UPI("19.95", "digitalinspirationindia@icici", "Digital Inspiration", "200"))

But how are internal UPI QR codes created? The payee’s name, the payment amount, and the merchant’s UPI ID are all contained in these QR codes in the following format:


The customer must manually enter the amount in the UPI app before confirming the payment if the “am” element is missing from the UPI URL. The UPI deeplink specifications also advise using the “mam” (minimum amount) option to establish the lowest price the client must accept. Its value can be adjusted to “null” to guarantee that customers pay the whole price.

You can also add personalized notes to the QR code, and these messages will be provided to you in the transaction history of your bank statement.

In conclusion, you can provide clients with a seamless experience, do away with transaction fees, and guarantee secure, real-time payments by integrating dynamic UPI QR codes into your payment collecting process. Whether you own a little business or a big corporation, implementing this technology can greatly improve your payment environment and encourage client loyalty. Don’t wait; start using UPI QR codes right away!

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