How To Importing Step-by-Step PayPal Transactions to Google Sheets

How To Importing Step-by-Step PayPal Transactions to Google Sheets

Do you get sick of having to manually enter PayPal transactions into your accounting records? Don’t worry; with the help of Google Apps Script, this guide will show you how to quickly and easily import PayPal transactions into Google Sheets. Bid manual data entry adieu and welcome to simplified effectiveness!

How To Importing Step-by-Step PayPal Transactions to Google Sheets

Import PayPal Transactions in Google Sheets:

Before getting into the specifics, let’s examine why this procedure is revolutionary. You can: by bringing PayPal transactions into Google Sheets:

  • Organize your financial data with ease.
  • Prevent mistakes from manual entry.
  • Learn about your financial background.
  • Easily create accurate reports.
Choose What to Import:
  • Typical PayPal transactions
  • Regular subscription fees
  • Chargebacks, refunds, and donations
  • Let’s now outline the procedures to perform this magic.
Create API credentials inside PayPal:
  • Go to to access the PayPal developer dashboard.
  • In live mode, create a new app with a name like “Transaction Importer for Google Sheets.”
  • You’ll need the Client ID and Client Secret key that PayPal will generate later.
  • Enable only the Transaction Search option in the Live App settings to guarantee access to only transaction data.

Save your selections, then go.

How To Importing Step-by-Step PayPal Transactions to Google Sheets

Create a Google Sheets Project:
  • Go to to start a fresh Google Sheet.
  • The Apps Script editor is launched when you select Apps Script from the Extensions menu.
  • Remember to replace the transaction code with your own when you copy and paste the given code into the editor. There are codes for PayPal Subscriptions (T0002), Donations (T0014), and Refunds and Chargebacks (T1107, respectively).
  • The remark /* @OnlyCurrentDoc */ ensures that the script only interacts with the current Google Sheet, preventing disruption of other spreadsheets in your Google Drive.

Fetch PayPal Transactions:

We’ll go into the code to fetch PayPal transactions in this section:

// @OnlyCurrentDoc
// Author:

// Define transaction type and PayPal credentials
const TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'T0001';

// Set start and end dates
const START_DATE = '2022-03-01';
const END_DATE = '2022-03-15';

// Generate PayPal access token
const getPayPalAccessToken_ = () => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

// Build API URL with query parameters
const buildAPIUrl_ = (queryParams) => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

// Fetch PayPal transaction batch
const fetchTransactionBatchFromPayPal = (queryParams) => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

// Parse PayPal transaction details
const parsePayPalTransaction_ = ({ transaction_info, payer_info }) => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

// Fetch and extract PayPal transactions
const fetchPayPalTransactions_ = () => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

// Import transactions to Google Sheets
const importTransactionsToGoogleSheet = () => {
  // ... (rest of the code)

Run PayPal Import Function:
  • Press the Run button in the script editor to start importing PayPal transactions.
  • For access to the Google Sheets and PayPal API, you might need to authorize the script.
  • Voila! The selected date range’s transactions will be immediately imported into Google Sheets.

How To Importing Step-by-Step PayPal Transactions to Google Sheets

Congratulations! You’ve now been able to import PayPal transactions into Google Sheets more quickly. With this approach, you can ensure that your financial records are accurate and well-organized while also saving time. We’ll examine exporting PayPal transactions from Google Sheets into an XML format in the following section of this article, which is ideal for connecting with Tally accounting software.

With these options available to you, you can greatly improve your financial management procedure. Embrace automated transaction importing’s simplicity and efficiency in place of laborious data entry. Never before have your money been so hassle-free!

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