How to Use Google Forms to Email Parents of Students: Step-by-Step

How to Use Google Forms to Email Parents of Students: Step-by-Step

Students at a high school can use a straightforward Google Form to seek access to email accounts that the school provides. However, parents must be involved in the procedure to secure proper permission. Before the school creates the student’s email address, a request email is sent to the parent of the student asking for permission.

Looking up Parent’s Data in Google Sheets:

We must get the student’s parent’s information from a different Google Sheet because it isn’t directly available in the Google Form in order to send an email to them. We’ll use a lookup method to retrieve the parent’s name and email address based on the student’s name from a Google Sheet that the school keeps updated with parent information.

We’ll increase the Google Form response sheet’s columns by two. Following the submission of a fresh form answer, these columns will use an ArrayFormula to immediately get the parent’s data.

=ArrayFormula( IF(ROW(B:B) = 1, "Parent's Email", 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(B:B)),VLOOKUP(B:B, Parents!$A$2:$C$100,3, FALSE),)) )

If the number of the current row is 1, this formula sets the column heading to “Parent’s Email.” We use VLOOKUP to match the student’s name with the parent records in the separate sheet for other rows containing form data in column B. We then fetch the relevant parent’s email address into the form response sheet.

Sending Email to Student’s Parent:

We’ll employ the “Document Studio” add-on from the Google Marketplace to automatically send consent letters to parents. Take these actions:

Utilize the Google Marketplace to install Document Studio.
Open the “Document Studio” add-on from Extensions > Document Studio > Open and navigate to the Google Sheet where the responses from the Google Form are placed.

Make a new workflow and give it a name that is descriptive, such “Send Consent Letters to Parents.”

Add a new Email task to the task page and choose the “Parent’s Email” field from the “Send Email to” selection.
Form inputs and formula values from Google Sheets can be included in emails using placeholders encased in double curly braces.
Turn on the “Run on Form Submit” option on your workflow’s Save screen. By turning on the form submit trigger, your workflow will now execute automatically each time a new form is submitted.

Following these procedures, you ought to see a copy of the consent email sent to the student’s parent when a sample response is made using the Google Form. In the same workflow, you can also add a Create File task to produce a consent document in Word or PDF. The parents can email the signed copy of this paper back when it is automatically attached to the email message.


Schools can effectively handle requests for student email accounts and parental approval by putting the aforementioned procedure into practice using Google Forms and Document Studio. Communication between schools and parents is streamlined and easy to manage thanks to the usage of Google Sheets for data lookup and automated email workflows.

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