Mentioning Someone In Slack From Google Forms

Mentioning someone in Slack from Google Forms

Streamline your communication by mentioning individual team members in Google Forms and Slack with ease. This thorough beginner’s tutorial takes you step by step through the procedure.

Effective communication is essential in today’s hectic workplaces. Popular team collaboration platform Slack has become essential for many businesses. What if, however, we informed you that you may immediately enhance your Slack conversations using Google Forms? This tutorial will walk you through the process of “Mentioning Someone in Slack from Google Forms,” which will provide you a smooth approach to keep your team informed and your communication effective.

We’ll examine how to effortlessly connect Google Forms with Slack for event registration in this example scenario. Consider creating a Google Form to collect participant data. A message with vital attendee information, including name and email address, is instantly delivered to your company’s Slack channel once a participant completes the form and clicks “submit.”

However, we won’t stop there. Another important field on the contested Google Form is labeled “Preferred Location.” A specific team member will be tagged or referenced in the Slack conversation depending on the location the respondent chose. For instance, the internal Slack message will automatically tag @Angus if the respondent selects “New York” as their preferred location because Angus is in charge of managing New York registrations.

How can you then implement this magic in your workflow?

Mentioning Someone In Slack From Google Forms

Send Slack Messages on Google Form Submit:

Access Google Forms: How to use Google Forms Open your Google Form first. We’ll be utilizing a product called Document Studio to improve this procedure.

Create a New Workflow: Start a new workflow in Document Studio. You will be including a task for Slack message sending in this process.

Mentioning Someone In Slack From Google Forms

Link your Google and Slack accounts: Do this by linking your Google and Slack accounts. You can choose the relevant Slack channel using this link if you want to send messages there.

Magic in Scriptlets: The actual magic happens in the scriptlet. It examines the ‘Location’ data supplied in the Google Form. A specific individual in your Slack workspace gets tagged in the message based on the response given. You may read more about the syntax of the scriptlet here if you’re interested in learning more.

Here is a sample of the scriptlet in action:

{{Attendee Name}} would attend the event from {{Location}}

{% assign answer = "{{ Location }}" %}
{% if answer == "New York" %}
{% elsif answer == "Boston" %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}
How to @Mention a Slack User:

In order to accurately tag or reference a person in your Slack message, you may be asking how to get the necessary person ID of a Slack account. Take these actions:

Navigate to Slack: Begin by going to and selecting the channel where the individual you wish to mention is currently active.

Find an Existing @Mention: Search the channel for an existing mention of the user. Right-click the @mentioned address.

Copy the Link: Choose “Copy link” from the contextual menu that opens. The link you copied will look something like this:

The portion of the link that starts with “U…” stands for the Slack user’s User ID.

Tag with Care: To correctly @mention this user in a Slack message, wrap their User ID in angle brackets and prefix it with the symbol “@,” as in the following example:

How are you <@UABC123>?"

Mentioning Someone In Slack From Google Forms

Effective cooperation is based on effective communication. By perfecting the skill of “Mentioning Someone in Slack from Google Forms,” you’ve given your company a potent tool for prompt, precise, and effective communicating. Utilize this integration to its full potential to advance your teamwork.

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