Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail: A Step By Step Guide

Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail: A Step By Step Guide

Are you weary of managing several email accounts for various purposes? You can find a solution using Gmail! We’ll walk you through setting up and maintaining numerous email addresses in Gmail in this beginner’s tutorial. Say good-bye to the stress of logging in and out of many accounts and welcome to simplified email administration.

The Gmail Plus address is a very efficient way to keep spam out of your inbox. Additionally, it gives you a simple way to figure out which website or online business sent your email address to spammers.

Gmail Plus Address:

What what is a Gmail Plus address, then? Let’s dissect it. Imagine you have a Gmail account with the username billgates. If you add a “plus” sign to your email username, Gmail will ignore anything in the email address that is between the “+” and “@” symbols while still sending the message to your main inbox.

Basically, any email sent to,, or will arrive in’s Gmail inbox. Even though they are all different email aliases, they all go to the same place.

When sharing your email with unidentified services, like newsletters, this function is quite helpful. By adding a plus sign to your current email address, for example, you may provide it. If you ever get spam using this email alias, you can simply identify the spam’s specific source and use a Gmail filter to ban any emails linked to it.

Gmail Dot Blindness:

Your email address will be ignored by Gmail due to its “dot blindness” flaw. All emails will still arrive in your mailbox even if your email username has any number of dots.

In keeping with the preceding illustration, Gmail treats,, and as the same email address. It’s important to keep in mind that other services can regard them differently.

This method may be used to sign up for several email accounts on websites that need separate email addresses for each account. For instance, the Gmail Dot technique is your go-to option if you ever find yourself in need of many Twitter accounts.

Gmail Address Alias:

One more Gmail address hack exists, and it’s extremely useful.

Actually, you get two email addresses when you sign up for a Gmail account. The second has the domain whereas the first is the typical address.

In actuality, any emails sent to will also be routed to your primary Gmail account if your Gmail address is something like You practically get two email accounts for the price of one because of this.

You may use these two domains in a manner similar to the Gmail Plus method to lessen the amount of spam that enters your Gmail inbox. You might, for instance, give your close associates your address and maybe even put it on your business card. Keep the address private for the time being; for example, don’t post it on your blog. After that, configure a Gmail filter to send all emails with the subject line to a specific folder, guaranteeing you never miss a crucial communication from a close friend.

Additionally, if you have multiple Twitter accounts that you run, link one to your main address and the other to your brand-new address.

We’ve revealed the power of Gmail’s tools for handling numerous email accounts in this step-by-step tutorial. You now have the tools to simplify your email administration, whether it be through the use of addresses, Gmail Plus addresses, or dot blindness.

With these detailed instructions, you can easily manage several email addresses in Gmail. Find out about aliases’ advantages, dot blindness, and Gmail Plus addresses. Organize your communication and wave goodbye to email mess.

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