Outlook Google Sheets Mail Merge Tutorial

Outlook Google Sheets Mail Merge Tutorial

With just one keystroke and the Mail merge add-on for Gmail, you can quickly and easily send tailored email campaigns to your contact list. You may send mass emails with Google Drive file attachments using this practical tool, and you can opt to send them right away or schedule them for a later time and date.

But what if you’re a frequent user of Microsoft 365 or Outlook? Do not worry; Google Sheets’ Mail Merge functionality is available to you as well. All you have to do is link your Outlook account as an alias to your Gmail account, and done! Even if you tend to favor the Microsoft ecosystem, you are ready to use Mail Merge.

Generate an App Password for Outlook:

Your first duty before starting this adventure is to create an app password for your Outlook/Microsoft 365 account. Take these actions:

  • Enter your Outlook login information at account.microsoft.com/security. Go to the Advanced security settings area once you’ve logged in.
  • In the App passwords area, scroll down and choose “Create a new app password.”

Outlook Google Sheets mail merge Tutorial

Add your Outlook Account to Gmail:

We can now combine your Outlook account with Gmail as you have a password for the app:

  • To access the Settings menu, log into your Gmail account and select the gear symbol. Select the Accounts tab, then under the Send mail as section, click “Add another email address.”

Outlook Google Sheets mail merge Tutorial

  • Here, your Gmail and Outlook accounts will combine smoothly. After providing your name and Outlook email address, select “Next Step.” Make sure you choose “Treat as an alias.”
  • The following popup will ask you for particular information:
<li>SMTP Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com</li>
<li>Port: 587</li>
<li>Username: Your Outlook email address</li>
<li>Password: The app password you so adeptly generated earlier</li>
<p><img class="wp-image-1642 aligncenter" src="http://pjtechhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/3-9-300x144.jpg" alt="Outlook Google Sheets mail merge Tutorial " width="873" height="419" /></p>
<li style="text-align: justify;">Once you have entered this information, click "Add Account." Your Outlook email account will soon get a verification code from Gmail that is sent from noreply@google.com. Get the code, then enter it into Gmail as directed. Your Outlook account has now been successfully added to Gmail as an alias.</li>
Sending Email with Outlook in Mail merge:

It’s time to maximize the power of Mail Merge now that your Outlook email address is cozy within your Google account. This is how:

To start a new Google Spreadsheet, go to sheets.new. This is the area where you may set up Mail Merge and manage email campaigns that are driven by your Outlook account by using the Mail Merge add-on.

After completing these steps, you will have successfully connected Google Sheets and Outlook, allowing you to utilize Mail Merge for your email campaigns. Leave the boundaries of your email platform behind and discover the myriad possibilities that Mail Merge has to offer.

Now that you’ve completed this Outlook Google Sheets mail merge lesson, you’re prepared to simplify your email correspondence like never before. Say goodbye to impersonal communications and welcome to effective, tailored marketing.

Outlook Google Sheets mail merge Tutorial

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. As you continue to utilize mail merge, you’ll find new applications for its versatility, from business emails to invites to events and beyond.

It’s your time to start your mail merge adventure right now. Get ready to change the way you communicate via email so you can accomplish more with less.

Discover how to easily execute an Outlook Google Sheets mail merging. Making customized email communication simple, this step-by-step tutorial for beginners walks you through integration, setup, and execution. Effective outreach is here to replace generic emails!

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