Pixel Fold problems : Google can’t fix the problems until the 2nd-gen model is released

Pixel Fold problems : Google can’t fix the problems until the 2nd-gen model is released

The Pixel Fold stands out as one of the most alluring foldable smartphones on the market right now. However, recent events have made several worrying factors more apparent, which prospective purchasers should be aware of. The device’s vulnerability to accidental damage is the main worry, especially when it comes to the display. A recurring concern with foldable phones in general is their susceptibility.

To make matters worse, a shocking discovery regarding the Pixel Fold’s propensity to unintentionally unfurl outside of its intended range was made. This may be disastrous for the device if it happened. An answer later emerged, stating that redesigning the gadget would probably be required to address these durability difficulties. Therefore, it seems that the launch of the updated Pixel Fold 2 will be the only time when any potential remedies to these issues will be made available.

The story of the Pixel Fold issues began when an early reviewer found that even a tiny particle of dust, placed in a certain location on the screen, was able to pass through the plastic layers and extremely thin glass covering the OLED panels. Additionally, early Pixel Fold users encountered their fair share of screen-related problems that didn’t seem to be helped by screen covers.

The Pixel Fold was put through the usual battery of tests by well-known YouTuber JerryRigEverything in an effort to determine the endurance of the device. Sadly, this exposed a flaw in the aluminum frame of the Pixel Fold, which was insufficient to withstand extreme bending.

The longevity and long-term sustainability of the Pixel Fold are likely questioned in light of these facts. It’s unclear how Google will handle and fix these urgent problems while enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the second-generation Pixel Fold.

Although not all of its parts are made of steel, the Pixel Fold’s robust hinge appears to be mostly made of stainless steel. It’s interesting to note that aluminum makes up the phone’s frame. Unfortunately, JerryRigEverything’s type of bending can still occur even with this combo.

Although JerryRigEverything’s test was designed to bend the Pixel Fold in order to gauge its durability, it does illustrate the potential for mishaps. This circumstance is similar to the controversial iPhone 6 bend tests, which exposed the smartphones’ bendability.

The YouTuber claims that Google had to make concessions to produce a phone that was lighter and thinner than competing foldables. He lauded Google’s hinge design, calling it “super cool and extremely efficient,” and claimed that it absolutely accomplishes what it was intended to. However, it turned out that the aluminum frame wasn’t strong enough.

The YouTuber also discussed how Google might have used cheap tactics to compete with Samsung by using Samsung components to make the phone. The method of milling soft aluminum is less expensive and easier than using stainless steel. A stainless steel frame would also add to the Pixel Fold’s weight.

Overall, JerryRigEverything said he thought Google did good, except for the aluminum frame.

These elements suggest that creating a new design would be the only way to increase the durability of the Pixel Fold. Google ought to take this into account for the next-generation phone. Before the Pixel Fold 2 gets into the hands of YouTubers, Google may even run internal bending tests on it.

Positive developments are on the horizon for fans of foldable phones. Later this month, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. Additionally, OnePlus will enter the foldable phone market with the release of the OnePlus V Fold through Oppo. While you wait for these releases, have a look at the Pixel Fold teardown below to learn more about how Google made this gadget.

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