SEO Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)


SEO Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

As an all-encompassing SEO solution, SE Ranking distinguishes out and serves bloggers, affiliates, and seasoned SEO professionals alike. They stand out due to their exceptional pricing, which makes them the more economical option when compared to rivals and alternatives in the industry.

The thorough On-page SEO audit tool, which painstakingly examines over 80 criteria to optimize the performance of your website, is one of their distinguishing features. Their rank tracking tool also has a wealth of useful features.

The dedication of SE Ranking to user pleasure is what actually sets them apart. The best part is that there is no credit card needed for the generous 14-day free trial. Their catchphrase, “Try it, before you buy it,” reflects their faith in their offering.

The strong On-page SEO audit tool, wide keyword rank tracking capabilities, various price options, and the lack of any setup fees must all be highlighted in the pros section.

On the other hand, their rudimentary keyword research tool is the lone downside. We’ll go into more detail about these features and others in our upcoming SE Ranking review, which will provide a thorough evaluation of this potential SEO tool.

What is SE Ranking:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

SE Ranking is a flexible SEO tool that integrates a number of crucial elements into a single program. It excels in search engine ranking, as its name suggests. After researching SE Ranking for about a month, it is clear that this less expensive option to Semrush and Ahrefs has potential, especially for marketers on a tight budget.

SE Ranking stands out by its confidence in the goods, which is displayed through a trial period without using a credit card. This audacious action demonstrates their confidence in the value they offer, making it an alluring choice for anyone looking for a solid SEO solution.

Pricing of SE Ranking:

Let’s talk about SE Ranking’s pricing first since it is a crucial consideration for many consumers before diving into its feature list.

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

The three fixed options offered by SE Ranking provide you the freedom to customize your keyword tracking requirements. Let’s now examine these plans and the features that SE Ranking offers for each of them.

Which SE Ranking plan should you opt for?

Here are the plans that SE Ranking has created just for you:

Essential Plan:

Perfect for bloggers and content producers looking to improve the search engine optimization of their websites. You can further modify it based on the quantity of recorded keywords that you choose. The option with the lowest monthly cost begins at just $18.72.

Plan Pro:

Ideal for small businesses with a few SEO clients, such as freelance SEO professionals. In comparison to the Essential plan, you may track more data with the Pro plan, and you also get the benefit of creating white-label reports.

Marketing Plan:

The Marketing plan, created for full-time SEO or digital marketing businesses, provides all the features of the Pro plan in addition to API access for easy integration.

The most popular option is SE Ranking’s Pro package. Choose prudently based on your unique requirements and client base.

SE Ranking discounts:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

Particularly for those hoping to utilize SE Ranking purely as a Google term rank tracking tool, it takes a fascinating turn. The possibility of significant savings, with up to 60% off discounts possible with careful planning, heightens the allure.

As an illustration, switching from daily to weekly keyword rank tracking updates results in a startling 60% savings. Even if you choose a plan with updates every three days, you’ll still receive a substantial 40% savings. Additionally, making a 12-month prepayment commitment results in additional discounts.

SE Ranking unquestionably appears as a more affordable option to several popular SEO tools. But let’s explore the range of features that make it an appealing option as we go deeper.

SE Ranking Features and Offerings:

The extraordinary user-friendliness of SE Ranking is what most impresses me. I started using it to keep track of my rank, and I was pleasantly impressed by how simple the navigation was. The SE Ranking interface itself actually gave me the idea to write this SE Ranking review.

Let’s now explore the wide range of SE Ranking features:


For managing the SEO of numerous websites within SE Ranking, use projects as your central center. You have the option to create up to 10 projects, even in the basic plan. Each project has a unique collection of capabilities, like the priceless Keyword Grouper, Website audit, Rank tracking, and backlink monitoring, among others. The first step in setting up your SE Ranking account is creating a project.

The setup of the project must be precise. Here are two pointers to guarantee the best outcomes:

  • Include Your Rivals: Include your rivals in your project to maintain an edge.
  • Indicate the search engines: Decide which search engines, such as Google USA or Google India, you wish to keep track of keywords for.
Website Rank Tracking:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

The next step is to incorporate your chosen keywords for SE Ranking’s rank tracking after starting your initial project setup. You have the option of manually entering keywords or letting SE Ranking suggest keywords for monitoring. SE Ranking offers a grouping option to help you organize your keyword tracking efforts.

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

Additionally, SE Ranking’s keyword rank tracker makes it possible to precisely follow keyword placements in particular nations.

SE Ranking supports a number of search engines as of the time of this assessment, including:

  • Mobile Google
  • Yandex
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube

This broad selection guarantees thorough keyword tracking across all platforms.

SERanking review: Website Audit:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

Without an effective website SEO audit feature, no SEO toolbox is fully complete. With its quick website audit tool, SE Ranking steps in to quickly scan websites for SEO mistakes, opportunities, and crucial information for improving crawl-ability and overall SEO performance.

After your initial crawl, you can expect discovering:

  • Duplicate meta titles on some pages
  • H1 and title tags that are similar
  • monotonous meta descriptions
  • 3xx and 4xx mistakes

Although the SE Ranking website audit function is a good start, there is still potential for growth. Think about possible additions like:

  • Low text-to-HTML ratios (which signify pages with scant content)
  • Meta descriptions that are longer than the allowed word limit
  • Meta titles that are longer than necessary

These are merely recommendations; the website audit feature already provides data in a comprehensible manner that enables you to optimize and address technical SEO difficulties.

Update: The SERanking team has explained that the On-Page tool report includes these extra capabilities.

Even the cheapest SE Ranking package allows you to evaluate a sizable 35,000 pages, making it a flexible choice for websites of various sizes.

SE Ranking Backlink Checker and Monitoring:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

The backlink tracking function of SE Ranking is unique among SEO tools. It is invaluable for managing and monitoring backlink development efforts because it allows you to manually input particular backlinks rather than using automated tracking.

SE Ranking provides a separate backlink checker tool for an in-depth analysis of backlinks, both your own and those of your competitors. In only a few minutes, this program provides thorough reports that include domain origins, linked web pages, and a wealth of parameter information.

This wealth of knowledge gives you a comprehensive understanding of every backlink profile, enabling you to evaluate the worth and quality of any individual backlink. The method used by SE Ranking for backlink analysis and monitoring gives you a significant advantage when improving the SEO performance of your website.

SE Ranking Competitor research:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

For individuals looking for details on the SEO tactics of existing domain names, SE Ranking’s Competitive Analysis tool is really helpful. It’s like having a handy cheat sheet to easily outshine your rivals. You may obtain a wealth of knowledge about their sponsored promotions and organic strategies by entering a URL or domain into SE Ranking’s competitor research tool.

By comparing your recorded term data with that of your SERP rivals, this tool goes above and beyond. Any competitor’s URL can be clicked to reveal their SEO tactics. Learn how websites are bringing in visitors both naturally and through PPC. Analyze their adverts and identify the keywords that are bringing visitors to their website. The Competitive Analysis tool from SE Ranking gives you the competitive edge you need to win the SEO war.

Keyword research:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

Despite having a simple appearance, the keyword research tool from SE Ranking has crucial functions including keyword management, difficulty scoring, related keywords, SERP characteristics, bulk keyword analysis, and more.

The term gap feature, a useful tool for competition analysis, is one notable improvement that might increase its utility. Identifying keywords that competitors rank for but you don’t helps you find possibilities to outrank them.

Update: The keyword gap option is now accessible in SE Ranking’s toolset under Competitive Research > Organic Traffic Research > Competitor Comparison.

Extra SE Ranking tools:

In addition to the previously described functions, SE Ranking also provides the following tools:

Keyword Grouper:

By effectively grouping related terms, Keyword Grouper’s potent keyword grouping feature prevents keyword cannibalization. It’s a capability that, as I previously mentioned in my ClusterAI review, I think other keyword research platforms ought to immediately incorporate.

Lead Generator:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

The Lead Generator is a powerful tool for lead generation that is specifically designed for SEO specialists and agencies. It gives you the ability to offer free SEO audit reports in exchange for contact information from potential clients. Once you have their email address, you may start a conversation about possible SEO optimization services.

On page SEO Audit:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

The SE Ranking tool provides a thorough analysis by contrasting your target page and keyword with SERP rivals across more than 80 criteria. This feature offers a thorough side-by-side comparison and reveals significant insights like:

  • For your desired keyword, the recommended keyword density is.
  • Best practices for internal connecting.
  • suggestions for further text material.
  • An assessment of your technical SEO situation and prospective growth areas.

More than 80 parameters are covered in total by SE Ranking’s research, which provides helpful advice for enhancing the SEO performance of your page.

SE Ranking Vs. Semrush: Which one is better?

It would be like comparing apples and oranges to compare Semrush with SE Ranking side by side. While SE Ranking offers many of the same features as Semrush, it’s vital to keep in mind that as a more affordable option, it fills a specific gap in the SEO market.

Let’s quickly discuss the differences in pricing between SERanking and Semrush:

SE Ranking 2023 Review: Features, Pricing & Pros, Cons (2023)

But it’s important to understand that price alone doesn’t depict the whole picture. Semrush offers a number of distinctive characteristics that SE Ranking does not at the moment.

It’s also important to remember that SE Ranking is a tool that is always changing, so it’s important to keep a watch on it. SE Ranking, in my opinion, has earned a place on the list of SEO tools to watch, and I’ll keep sharing updates and analysis as it develops.


SE Ranking is highly recommended, particularly for its affordability and superior value. With features like the Rank Tracking tool, Competitor Analysis, On-Page SEO Rank Checker, and Backlink Monitoring, it’s a tool that really packs a punch and is designed to boost your SEO game.

Their dedication to user ease is another benefit; they provide a free trial without asking for credit card information. It’s a simple approach to learn more about the tool’s features firsthand.

With your insightful comments, however, this SE Ranking assessment would be incomplete. I invite you to experiment with SE Ranking and to share your findings, opinions, and recommendations for improvement. Your suggestions may have a direct impact on SE Ranking’s future evolution, which will be advantageous to the broader SEO community.

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