Slack Alternative Threads: Completely Unrelated To Instagram, Has Seen Downloads Surge

Slack Alternative Threads: Completely Unrelated To Instagram, Has Seen Downloads Surge

A Slack substitute called Threads had a remarkable debut week with astounding user counts. It passed 30 million users in just 24 hours after introduction, and within five days it attained the astounding milestone of 100 million signups. Recent information shows that Threads has already amassed an astounding 150 million downloads.

But the introduction of Instagram’s Twitter clone, also known as Threads, unwittingly drew attention to a completely different service. The debut of Instagram’s namesake coincided with a huge increase in website traffic for the Slack substitute Threads. One of the main causes of this increase is because Threads, an alternative to Slack, has the domain, whereas Instagram’s version is hosted on the less appealing (despite the fact that the app currently lacks a web interface).

The Slack alternative Threads saw a high rise in downloads in the week after the release of Instagram’s Threads due to the confusion around the two apps. statistics that were supplied with TechCrunch show that between July 6 and July 12, Threads had more than 880,000 global downloads on iOS alone. The number of downloads for the app was quite low before this time.s.

The Slack substitute Threads established itself as the 52nd most downloaded app globally and the third-ranked app in the “business” category. Notably, it significantly increased in popularity in the top three countries for App Store downloads: Germany, Spain, and Italy, where it remained the 10th most downloaded app on average for the duration of that week. This is due to Instagram’s Threads being unavailable in the European Union, which has further confused users.

Additionally, Threads has amassed over a million downloads for Android users.

Due to the aforementioned misunderstanding, Threads (the Slack substitute) was forced to prominently post disclaimers on both its website and App Store listing to make it clear that it is not affiliated with Instagram. Numerous instances include different companies called Lightyear and another startup called Threads that operates as a chat-based retail platform in the U.K. Cases of multiple businesses duplicating brand names are not rare.

Given that Instagram had previously released a companion app named Threads in 2019 that it eventually terminated after two years, Threads’s (the Slack replacement) current situation is not wholly novel.

The co-founder and CEO of Threads (an alternative to Slack), Rousseau Kazi, referred to “threads” as a potent and internet-native concept and stressed the significance of it for maintaining connections inside networks and businesses across numerous platforms. Kazi, a former employee of Facebook, didn’t find it surprising that Meta (formerly Facebook) chose such a potent name for their approach to creating the town square. He also expressed his gratitude to Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram at the time, and the Facebook staff for their guidance and know-how.

Even while Threads (the Slack substitute) may not necessarily benefit from the increased traffic and downloads brought on by the confusion, it is undeniable that the startup received beneficial and cost-free PR. However, as Instagram’s Threads grows in popularity, companies may find it difficult to manage two distinct communication platforms with the same name because this can mislead potential clients.

Though the Slack substitute Threads has acknowledged ownership of the trademark for its name, it has declined to provide any other information, including whether it intends to pursue legal action against Instagram or its parent company, Meta.

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