Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports

Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports

Are you a novice trying to monitor your stock portfolio closely without having to deal with the headache of checking a spreadsheet every day? You’re in the proper location! We’ll walk you through the process of using Google Sheets to easily track your stock portfolio and get daily email reports in this beginner’s tutorial. A more effective method of tracking your money awaits you when you bid a fond farewell to the tiresome daily updates.

Keeping an eye on your stock portfolio is crucial to making wise investing choices. But maintaining a spreadsheet by hand each day may be tedious and time-consuming. We’ll show you how to use Google Sheets and daily email reports to manage your money more wisely in this article.

Inside Google Sheets, I have a handy Stock tracker spreadsheet that is meticulously monitoring my fictitious stock portfolio. Furthermore, the dependable GOOGLEFINANCE feature makes sure that the stock values in this exact Google Sheet are updated automatically using the miracle of automation.

Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports

The worst part is that I wanted to improve my stock-tracking even more, so I put up a daily trigger that would send me an email every day at 4 p.m., replete with a screenshot of the spreadsheet. The big picture? to easily keep track of my virtual stock performance without having to open the spreadsheet every day. So grab a seat, and let’s explore how the Email Google Sheets add-on may help make this goal a reality.

Imagine this: As you navigate through your favorite Google Sheet, you come across the Extensions option. Next, you launch the Email Google Sheets add-on and choose “Open” to begin the process. By selecting “Create Workflow,” you will begin your road towards an automated and simplified experience that will include a daily email containing a snapshot of your spreadsheet.

The Email stage in this sequence is where you should end up. To make sure no one misses the financial show, align the email addresses of your recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc sections above. You also get to artistically weave in values taken directly from your spreadsheet by adding a custom message and subject.

Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports

An example of a subject line in our grand workflow extravaganza may be, “The portfolio value on {{Date}} is {{Watchlist!B5}}.” This magical combination will replace {{Date}} with the current date and {{Watchlist!B5}} with the value found in Watchlist sheet cell B5.

But there’s still more! The body of the email, which is where the message is written, is where you may write your message and is excitedly awaiting the replacement of {{Watchlist!B7:I16}}. This work of art will be transformed into the newly selected cell range B7:I16 from the Watchlist sheet. A creative element? Of course! Don’t worry, the cell formatting will all be preserved when it appears in emails. Should you require more markers, the “Markers” button is available to you, offering a variety of choices to strew across your message.

Now that the message is prepared, let’s get started! Press “Preview,” and marvel as a test email arrives in your inbox with style. Look, there’s the email in your Gmail inbox, with cell layout perfectly maintained, clean and professional. Pro advice: A marker can be made to appear as a high-resolution screenshot image of the cell range it represents by prefixing it with “Image:”. What visually stunning content!

Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports

Thus, if you’re nodding along, use the “Continue” button to move on to the last act. This is where you get to control the cadence and rhythm of your work. What kind of routines would you like it to do? A waltz every day, a tango every week, a ballet every month, or maybe some unique choreography? It’s your turn to set the scene.

That’s the great climax, my friend. Well done. Your process is now expertly planned and ready to go into effect at the precise moment you’ve carefully selected. The stock market drama may easily play out in your inbox, and the daily email extravaganza is ready to go. You have mastered the automation-enhanced art of stock tracking.

Stock portfolio Tracking In Google Sheets And Receive Daily Email Reports


Congratulations! You’ve now got a reliable system in place to use Google Sheets to track your stock portfolio and get daily email reports. You may now keep informed without the inconvenience of daily manual updates thanks to our beginner’s tutorial.

Effectiveness, ease of use, and readily available information are the characteristics of a well-managed stock portfolio. Embrace the potential of automation and bid adieu to the tedious work of spreadsheets. Make sure to monitor your investments and rely on Google Sheets and daily email updates as reliable allies along your financial trip.

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