Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

Trying to get your podcasting career off to a good start in the iTunes directory? You need not worry if you lack technical knowledge because this instruction will make the procedure simple and enable you to distribute your audio podcast with ease.

In the music business, SoundCloud is a well-known name that has long been linked to finding hidden talents. However, SoundCloud has effortlessly changed into a podcast hosting platform, so it’s no longer simply about music.

Now, podcast fans and performers alike may use SoundCloud’s power to feature their podcasts on the iTunes directory. It’s a flexible platform that gives you everything you need to start your podcasting journey.

The cherry on top? Before you reach the extraordinarily forgiving 3-hour restriction on the free plan, you won’t need to shell out for the “Pro” subscription. This is a great chance, especially for bloggers who want to start their own podcasts but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive hosting.

How to Get your Podcast On iTunes using SoundCloud:

The first step is to go to the SoundCloud website and register for a free account to begin your podcasting experience. Existing users just need to log in once to access their SoundCloud dashboard.

Once you are there, go to the settings page to make a few final adjustments to some crucial parameters. Here is a brief summary:

  • Profile Image: Add a profile image first, making sure it is at least 1400 × 1400 pixels in size. Your podcast will be represented by this graphic both on SoundCloud and in the iTunes Store.
  • Details and Description:  Provide all the necessary information, including a detailed description of the podcast, and don’t forget to include any pertinent website connections.
  • RSS Link: Click the “Content” tab to access the RSS link for your podcast. Make sure you fill out all the required information here.

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

Now that you’ve made these basic adjustments, you’re prepared to upload your first podcast. You can also use any previously uploaded audio tracks. If you’ve previously shared a track, all you need to do is click “Edit Track” and choose “RSS Feed” under the “Permissions” tab.

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

It’s crucial to optimize your SoundCloud data for the iTunes Store for a professional appearance. Your SoundCloud information will be shown as follows:

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

  1. SoundCloud Profile Image
  2. SoundCloud Display Name or Custom Feed Title
  3. SoundCloud Display Name (default) or Custom Author Name
  4. SoundCloud Profile Description
  5. SoundCloud Track Title
  6. SoundCloud Upload Date
  7. SoundCloud Track Description
  8. SoundCloud Profile URL (default) or the website listed in the “You on the web” section of your settings.

With these steps mastered, you’ll be well on your way to showcasing your podcasting prowess on the iTunes platform.

How to Upload Podcast to iTunes from SoundCloud:

You’re ready to launch your podcast onto the iTunes store once you’ve gotten all the parameters set up. Here is a succinct explanation:

  • SoundCloud Preferences: Go to your SoundCloud settings first, then choose “Content” to get the address of your RSS feed.
  • FeedBurner Insurance: Consider burning your feed with FeedBurner, a key piece of advice from FeedBurner Insurance. By taking this precaution, you can change your podcast hosting service in the future with no disruptions.
  • Apple ID: Create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one. It is required for the next action.

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide

  • Podcast Connect: Go to Podcast Connect and use your Apple ID to log in. The setup procedure is simple for first-timers.
  • iTunes Submission: Click this link to submit your podcast to iTunes. Your iTunes app will launch, allowing you to enter your RSS feed there. To avoid problems with submission, make sure your podcast cover graphic fits within the range of 1400×1400 to 3000×3000 pixels.

Submit SoundCloud Podcast To iTunes: Step By Step Guide


  • Category Selection: Choose the appropriate sub-category on the next page and submit your podcast under that heading. It’s time to wait it out right now.
  • Review & Approval: Within a few days, your podcast should be reviewed and approved. On the iTunes store, your creation will soon be accessible to a large global audience.
  • Promotional Techniques: SoundCloud makes it simple to embed audio on your site, allowing you to advertise your podcasts and nudge readers toward subscribing to your iTunes channel. Encourage your audience to subscribe to your iTunes podcast for a well-rounded marketing strategy. Use WordPress podcast plugins to offer subscription buttons for services like iTunes and others.
  • For Musicians: Musicians can use SoundCloud to link to their profiles, enabling people to bookmark and share their music across numerous social networks right from the page.
  • Feed Flexibility: Always remember to use FeedBurner to download your SoundCloud feed and then enter that URL. If you decide to stop using SoundCloud in the future, this offers a plan of action. It’s a flexible, forward-thinking decision.
  • Changing Hosts: Our thorough guide will help you make a seamless changeover if you ever need to change your podcasting host.

Take advantage of this time to launch your audio podcast on SoundCloud. Please use the comments area to contact us if you have any questions or need help. Consider posting this information to social media if you found it useful so that other podcast fans can benefit from it as they travel.

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