Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the best WordPress affiliate plugins for Amazon?

The well-known Amazon Affiliates program presents a fantastic opportunity to monetize your specialized or product review websites. Given its enormous popularity, there are a ton of WordPress plugins available to make your Amazon affiliate efforts more efficient. With the help of these plugins, you can easily incorporate Amazon affiliate links, use the Amazon Associates API to automatically update product prices and data, generate interesting product comparison tables, and much more.

We’ve compiled a selection of 7+ top-tier WordPress plugins designed particularly for Amazon affiliates in this comprehensive guide. Our goal is to make managing your Amazon affiliate content as easy as possible for you while maximizing your earnings, guaranteeing compliance with Amazon Associates’ terms of service, and streamlining your entire experience. Explore these tools to see how they can boost your affiliate marketing efforts.

7+ Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates:

1. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin):

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

One of the most popular options for Amazon affiliates using WordPress is AAWP, which stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

AAWP is a multipurpose tool that meets several requirements for the Amazon Associates program. It can improve your affiliate game in the following ways:

  • Product Insertion in a Variety of forms: AAWP gives you the ability to insert Amazon products with ease in a number of forms.
  • Real-Time Product Updates: By using the Amazon Associates API, it updates product information in real-time. To improve performance and reduce API queries, data is even cached locally.
  • Geotargeting Capabilities: The capability of geotargeting ensures that your audience has a flawless buying experience by precisely rerouting your affiliate links to the proper Amazon region.
  • Product Comparison Tables: It’s simple to create useful product comparison tables.
  • Enhanced Link Tracking: Implement enhanced link tracking, which enables you to use Google Analytics to track affiliate link hits.

AAWP offers a variety of pre-built layouts for including products in your content, and you also have the option to make your own templates. There are several insertion options available:

  • Text linkages: Simple but powerful text linkages.
  • Product Boxes: A single shortcode creates aesthetically pleasing boxes with information such as prices, descriptions, and powerful CTA buttons.
  • Bestseller Lists: Lists of the best-selling products assembled using keywords or product categories.
  • New Releases: Highlight recently released items that are pertinent to your niche.
  • Data Fields: Use shortcodes to add specific product information, such as the most recent prices.
  • Widgets: Easily incorporate products into the sidebar of your website.
  • Customizable Comparison Tables: Multiple products can be displayed in a visually pleasing, customized table format using configurable comparison tables.

Although AAWP unquestionably ranks among the top WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates, it’s vital to remember that there isn’t a free version available. Access to all of AAWP’s features for one website is available for a starting price of €49. This investment has the potential to greatly improve your efforts as an Amazon associate and produce better outcomes for your online business.

2. AzonPress:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

Another popular all-in-one plugin among Amazon affiliates is AzonPress. It has a variety of enticing features and aesthetically pleasing product insertion techniques, similar to AAWP.

AzonPress utilizes the Amazon Associates API in accordance with AAWP to easily incorporate frequently updated content and Amazon affiliate links. The several product insertion choices available to you are listed below:

  • Text Links: Text links are straightforward but powerful text-based links.
  • Product Boxes: Use a single shortcode to access attractively presented product information, such as prices and enticing CTAs.
  • Individual Product Elements: Specific product information, such as the most recent prices, can be displayed precisely via an API for individual product elements.
  • Product Grids: Arrange goods in an orderly grid format.
  • Bestseller Lists: Compilations of the best-selling items.
  • Widgets: Widgets make it simple to add products to the sidebar of your website.

Similar to its rival, AzonPress gives you the ability to create interesting product comparison tables that let you efficiently compare various products.

AzonPress provides additional features in addition to flexible product integration, including:

  • Geotargeting: Send customers to the most appropriate location by redirecting Amazon affiliate links there.
  • Link tracking: Keep track of clicks on affiliate links to get useful analytics.
  • Layout Customization: Match the design of your site to the way your product insertion options seem.

Notably, at a price of just $27 for use on a single site, AzonPress offers a more affordable alternative to AAWP. This makes it a desirable option for Amazon affiliates on a tight budget looking for powerful capabilities.

3. EasyAzon:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

EasyAzon stands out as a well-liked and affordable WordPress Amazon affiliates plugin, providing a great option for individuals who are conscious of their spending. Although the aforementioned plugins are excellent options, the lack of a free version can be problematic, especially for new bloggers.

This problem is solved by EasyAzon by offering the basic functionality for free and the extra features in its paid Pro edition.

You may quickly create and insert Amazon affiliate links from the WordPress editor while using the free version. The process is streamlined by doing away with the requirement to visit the Amazon website.

By choosing the Pro edition, you can access cutting-edge features like:

  • Product Quick View: By displaying product details when consumers hover over products, you may improve user experience.
  • Add to Cart Functionality: Encourage customers to add items to their shopping carts to lengthen the cookie period and maybe earn more commissions.
  • Automatic Link Localization: Increase conversions by seamlessly rerouting customers to the right area.

Notably, users can use a free version of EasyAzon. The commercial edition, which starts at a reasonable $47 and gives usage rights across limitless personal websites, provides access to the entire range of functions. EasyAzon is an attractive option for WordPress Amazon affiliates due to its price and feature-rich services.

4. Amazon Auto Links:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

Another well-known and reasonably priced Amazon affiliate plugin is Amazon Auto Links, which gives you an easy way to effortlessly incorporate specific products or well curated lists of Amazon products into your material. The plugin offers numerous possibilities for inserting products:

  • Category:  Showcase a dynamic product feed from a chosen Amazon category with ease.
  • Product Search: Generate a list of goods using pertinent keyword searches.
  • Specific Products: Display certain products that are directly related to your content.
  • URL: Combine products from a different URL source to increase your product options.

Additionally, Amazon Auto Links gives you freedom through shortcode settings so you can fine-tune the look of your product lists, including adjusting the size of the images.

Amazon Auto Links makes use of the PA-API v5 and the Amazon API to retrieve real-time product data to make sure your product listings are always up to date and accurate.

Even though it may not have as many capabilities as AAWP or AzonPress, Amazon Auto Links stands out as a respectable option for those looking for a free plugin solution who are on a tight budget. The best part is that it is completely free, making it a desirable choice for individuals wishing to monetise their material without spending a fortune.

5. AmaLinks Pro:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

Another popular option for affiliate marketers is the premium WordPress plugin AmaLinks Pro for Amazon Associates.

It uses the Amazon Associates product API, like its competitors, to seamlessly include accurate product data into your website. For product insertion, you have a range of choices, including:

  • Text Links
  • CTA Buttons
  • Product Boxes
  • Image Links

AmaLinks Pro provides a free table builder add-on for individuals looking to create visually appealing product comparison tables. With the help of this tool, you can easily customize the columns and data using a drag-and-drop interface. Even specific products might be marked as “Top Choice,” directing customers to the most lucrative goods.

AmaLinks Pro has event monitoring for Google Analytics so you can measure affiliate link clicks right from your Google Analytics dashboard to determine how effective your offers are.

AmaLinks Pro doesn’t include built-in geotargeting for Amazon locations, but if that feature is needed, it can smoothly interface with Amazon OneLink and Genius Link.

AmaLinks Pro’s starting price of $67 only covers usage rights for one website. Your affiliate marketing efforts will benefit greatly from this investment, which will also increase your earning potential.

6. WZone:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

WZone stands out from the competition among Amazon Associates plugins by presenting a unique strategy. WZone gives you the ability to create your own unique affiliate eCommerce store that is perfectly connected with WooCommerce, unlike many plugins that concentrate on adding affiliate links and product data to already existing content.

Easily include Amazon products into your business and present them as your own listings using WZone’s capabilities. Customers can browse your business in a similar way to any other typical eCommerce site. The distinctive feature is in the checkout process; when clients are prepared to buy, they are forwarded to Amazon to complete the transaction, generating significant affiliate commissions for you.

Additionally, WZone makes sure that product information is always current, ensuring that the information displayed in your store is always accurate.

For individuals looking for a fully featured affiliate eCommerce store, WZone is an excellent option. WZone might not be the best option for you if you run a blog and need a way to only include Amazon affiliate information in your blog entries.

WZone is available for purchase on Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace for $49, and this price includes lifetime upgrades for one website. For individuals wishing to take advantage of an affiliate-driven eCommerce store that is perfectly connected with Amazon’s enormous product selection, this investment may be a wise one.

7. Advanced Ads:

Top Amazon Affiliates Plugins for WordPress

For all website owners, including Amazon affiliates, Advanced Ads offers a flexible option, in contrast to the specific Amazon Associates plugins we’ve examined. Its main objective is to make ad installation on your WordPress site simpler.

You may effortlessly inject a variety of adverts with Advanced adverts, including Native Shopping Ads, which are dynamic ads from Amazon. Similar to Google AdSense, these dynamic adverts show pertinent products dynamically based on the content of your page. If your article is on the “best high-resolution monitors,” for instance, Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads will dynamically integrate listings for high-resolution monitors within your content.

You can strategically position these adverts around your entire website thanks to Advanced adverts’ flexibility, including:

  • Within, above, or beneath your content
  • In the vicinity of your header
  • Your website’s sidebar contains
  • And numerous additional important places

Additionally, Advanced Ads has ad rotation features that let you compare the efficiency of Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads to rivals like AdSense.

Although Advanced Ads might not always be the best option for including specific Amazon product links in your content, it is crucial when using Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

Notably, offers the basic Advanced Ads plugin without charge. A premium edition is available for people looking for more functionality, with prices starting at €49. This affordable option gives website owners the freedom to profitably monetize their content, whether through Amazon Native Shopping Ads or other ad formats.

Which Is the Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

The important decision is now: which plugin is best for your website?

AAWP is the best option if cost is not an issue. Similar functionalities are available from AmazonPress for a somewhat lower cost.

Amazon Auto Links and EasyAzon are two options that are free and deserving of consideration.

Concerns regarding the Amazon Associates plugins? Ask away in the comments section below!

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