Top Smartwatches 2023

Top Smartwatches 2023

Searching for something more than just a watch? In addition to telling the time, smartwatches have many other features that might improve your appearance. They can offer notifications, track your workouts, check your heart rate, track your workouts, and even give voice assistants access. You may comfortably leave your phone in your pocket and complete simple chores while wearing a connected watch.

The Apple Watch earns the top spot as our preferred option among iPhone owners. However, if you use Android, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 is a superb choice that won’t let you down. But that’s not all; we also have a number of other excellent smartwatches to suggest, each with a unique aesthetic and set of useful functions. The top smartwatches that we’ve carefully tested and assessed are listed below.

We also have you covered if you’re specifically interested in fitness tracking. For a variety of devices that are suitable for working out, see our in-depth guides on the Best Fitness Trackers, Best Fitbits, and Best Garmin Watches. Remember that a smartwatch may enhance your whole experience, keep you connected, and assist your fitness objectives. It is more than simply a timepiece. Pick the one that best meets your requirements, then take advantage of the ease and functionality it adds to your daily life.

Apple Watch Series 8(Best for iPhone Owners):

The Apple Watch is the best option available when it comes to smartwatches because it has unmatched features and usefulness. Its operating system, WatchOS, offers a seamless experience with a variety of apps that eliminate the need to continuously grab for your phone. Apple didn’t create the wheel with the Series 8 , but it has made incremental enhancements. It introduces a skin temperature sensor, which could be useful for tracking periods and fertility. The Crash Detection technology also guarantees that if you become unresponsive following an automobile accident, emergency personnel will be alerted.

Naturally, the Apple Watch doesn’t fall short when it comes to health functions. It has an oxygen saturation sensor (SpO2), which is useful for people with underlying medical issues or athletes training at high altitudes. Additionally, it has an electrocardiogram sensor for precise heart monitoring that has received FDA clearance. The battery life is average and needs to be recharged the next morning after recording your sleep, which is a drawback. Although functions like the Always-On Display and exercise autostart are sacrificed, WatchOS 9’s Low Power Mode boosts battery life to a full two days. Explore our thorough Best Apple Watch guide for more details, and don’t forget to look at our Apple Watch Accessories guide for more improvements.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro(Best for Android Owners):

The Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro are the best smartwatches on the market for Android users, particularly those with Samsung smartphones. In addition to excelling in SpO2, sleep tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and even including an electrocardiogram feature (unique to Samsung phones), these watches offer comparable health and fitness data to the Apple Watch.

Both models are extremely capable, but the Watch5 Pro outperforms the other due to its larger size and longer battery life (around two days). The Watch5 lasts roughly a day and a morning in contrast. The Watch5 Pro also has the added advantage of GPX, which enables you to download hiking routes right to the watch. Both watches have sapphire crystal displays, but the Watch5 Pro goes one step further in terms of durability thanks to its tougher titanium case than the basic Watch5’s aluminum one.

These smartwatches are stylish and comfortable to wear, with slick user interfaces. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that the Wear OS Google Play Store has fewer apps available than the Apple App Store. However, you can still easily reply to notifications, rely on Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions, and ask Google Assistant any queries you might have—providing functionality that is comparable to the Apple Watch.

The Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro are without a doubt the top options for Android consumers looking for a premium smartwatch experience because to their excellent features, stylish designs, and wide range of capabilities.

Withings ScanWatch(Best Hybrid Smartwatch):

The ScanWatch from Withings has a wide range of features that may be customized to meet your needs. This wristwatch stands out by receiving FDA approval for blood-oxygen and ECG measures in addition to heart rate and sleep tracking. Although it is always advisable to visit your doctor for any concerns regarding the results, the latter feature is useful in detecting atrial fibrillation and irregular heartbeats.

The ScanWatch’s long battery life—up to a month between charges—is one of its most notable features and a favorite of many. The watch’s sapphire glass face and stainless-steel body radiate durability and a quality feel, ensuring robustness and long-lasting performance. The OLED subdial, albeit having a little limitation, demonstrates its clever potential. The screen is noticeably small, like a Times Square news ticker in New York. It is therefore perfect for rapidly checking the date, heart rate, and step count, but reading texts could require a closer look.

The Withings ScanWatch appears as an enticing option for those looking for a basic yet cutting-edge smartwatch experience thanks to its blend of usefulness, robustness, and an extended battery life. Keep track of your health measurements while taking advantage of the comfort and dependability that this amazing equipment has to offer.

Garmin Vivomove Trend(Best Fitness Watch):

It’s not always the case that fitness watches are simple and elegant. The Vivomove Trend, on the other hand, defies convention by featuring a chic and stylish design. Wireless charging is a key feature that this Garmin smartwatch introduces. You can finally say good-bye to the inconvenience of utilizing a standard Garmin plug-in charger.

Functionality is not compromised by the Vivomove Trend either. It has a number of crucial functions like blood oxygen readings, sleep monitoring, auto-activity monitoring, and Garmin’s excellent algorithms for precisely determining your level of fitness. Even though using the watch may feel a little awkward at first, you’ll quickly get used to it, especially with the remarkable five-day battery life it offers.

The Vivomove Trend from Garmin is an attractive option for anyone looking for a stylish yet extremely practical smartwatch thanks to its sleek design and wide range of fitness tracking features. Enjoy the ease of wireless charging, the accurate fitness measures it offers, and the long battery life that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

Google Pixel Watch(Another Good Android Watch):

Google finally unveiled the long-awaited Pixel Watch, and the company’s first smartwatch succeeds on many levels. Wearing it is comfortable, the performance is flawless, and the screen is colorful and responsive. It’s unquestionably the most beautiful smartwatch on the market right now, and that’s what really sets it apart from the competition. It has all the necessary capabilities, including electrocardiogram measures, sleep tracking, and NFC for contactless payments. It also has a speaker for phone calls. Google has included SpO2 tracking, alarms for high and low heart rate measures, as well as auto-pause and resume capabilities for walking, running, and bicycling activities to make up for some of the essential functionalities that it previously lacked. Even the ability to detect falls is present.

There are some limitations to take into account, though. Google uses a custom charger and straps, borrowing a page from Apple’s playbook. It takes a while to recharge the watch, which is another drawback. The battery life is disappointing, only lasting approximately a day when sleep is being tracked, and it only works with Android phones. Despite these flaws, I genuinely enjoy wearing the Pixel Watch since it manages to combine good looks with reliable functionality in the areas that are most important to me. This wristwatch should satisfy your needs and look beautiful on your wrist if you don’t mind the requirement for frequent charging.

Apple Watch Ultra(Best for iPhone Weekend Warriors):

If you frequently go to the hills on the weekends and you enjoy your Apple Watch but don’t mind brief interruptions, the Series 8 offers a solution. Even with sporadic notification interruptions, this watch’s battery life can be prolonged over the weekend using Apple’s new Low Power Mode. However, despite its higher cost, the Apple Watch Ultra (8/10, WIRED Recommends) can be the best option if your trips routinely take you to isolated locations with difficult terrain. With the Low Power Mode turned on, the battery life of this sturdy and big smartwatch can even reach 60 hours. It frequently lasts close to two full days. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display’s edges are given further protection by the Ultra’s elevated case, which is made of sturdy titanium.

Additionally, it provides protections for the side button and digital crown. The Ultra outperforms the Series 8 in a number of ways, including improved microphones for better speech pickup, an 86-decibel siren to notify your location, and a more precise GPS for pinpoint trek tracking, in addition to the practical Backtrack feature for navigating your way home. In comparison to the Series 8, the screen brightness has been increased by two times, and its maximum water resistance is 100 meters. The Ultra also has an additional customisable button on the left side that you may use to start a unique training plan.

Casio ProTrek PRW-61(Best Barely Smart Watch):

The Casio watch stayed faithfully on my wrist for more than a month, demonstrating its adaptability with a variety of daily functions—a unusual occurrence compared to many smartwatches. During my gym sessions, I used the timer to time my rest periods. I was able to keep track of my sister and dad in their separate time zones by setting the world time to New Delhi. The compass helped me when I got lost after exiting the New York City subway, and I was fascinated by the barometer since I liked forecasting the weather myself rather than using a voice assistant.

In addition to its usefulness, I enjoy the design of this watch. It maintains a certain amount of refinement while emanating a rustic and outdoor charm. Furthermore, it provides great comfort—so much so that I wore it nonstop for the duration of the testing month. It easily endured vigorous workouts and showers. I like that it is made of biomass plastics, which come from renewable sources like corn and castor seeds. The watch was in perfect condition despite my misadventures during a relocation, which included accidental dings and paint splatters. The dial boasts easy readability—the indices glow, or with a press of a button below the case, you can illuminate them for visibility in the dark. And the best part? No need for recharging. Casio’s Tough Solar technology allows the watch to recharge itself using sunlight.

In conclusion, the Casio watch is impressive not just for its functionality but also for its robustness, comfort, and environmentally responsible design. It is the perfect partner for daily wear and outdoor experiences because it skillfully mixes tough characteristics with classic design.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5(Great Battery Life):

The TicWatch Pro 5 is a great option if you own an Android phone and it particularly struck my eye because of its outstanding battery life. This watch differentiates out from rivals like Google, Samsung, and Apple since it provides up to three days of typical use. The revolutionary dual-display technology used by Mobvoi, which lets you to increase battery life, is even more astounding. You interact with the TicWatch’s bright OLED display at the bottom when using it actively. A top ultra-low-power display, however, provides important facts like the time, your steps, and even heart rate readings when you’re not actively gazing at the watch. This watch is supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chipset, which has a newer and more effective processor. Wear OS 3 runs smoothly and without any hiccups on this device.

Numerous health-tracking capabilities, including blood oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking, are included in the TicWatch Pro 5. These functionalities are also found in other smartwatches. Results were essentially comparable to the Apple Watch Series 8 in my experience. Due to its greater size, the TicWatch Pro 5 could seem a little bit simple, but it is in no way unappealing. I suggest thinking about switching to finer 24-mm straps to improve its overall appeal. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Google Assistant functionality is not currently available, and Mobvoi has not yet updated its older watches to Wear OS 3. As a result, it might take some time until this watch gets the future Wear OS 4 update.



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