Twitter thread scheduler Tools (Free and paid)

Twitter thread scheduler Tools (Free and paid)

Have you ever felt constrained by Twitter’s character limit for a single tweet? As marketers, we frequently yearn for additional room to properly deliver our message. Thank goodness, Twitter responded with a brand-new function called “Twitter thread.”

A Twitter thread is essentially a collection of related tweets from a single person. Social networks frequently give new features higher priority in their algorithms when they are introduced, making them effective tools for increasing engagement and expanding your fan base on the platform.

It’s simple to start your first thread on Twitter. You may do it for free immediately on Click the “+” icon once you’ve finished writing your first tweet to add more. When you’re ready, click the publish button to start a new topic.

However, if you want to use automation to up your thread game, I’ve got you covered. I’ve prepared a list of the best Twitter thread scheduling apps below so you can easily build and plan threads. Additionally, I’ll discuss several fascinating programs that you can use to repurpose and optimize the growth of your Twitter threads. Let’s start now!

Tweet Hunter:

The best Twitter thread and automation tool available is without a doubt Tweet Hunter. You will be astounded by the features it offers and what it can do for your posts. Want to witness it in use? To see how this program can make your threads go viral and even help you gain money, watch the Tweet Hunter review video.

Key features of Tweet Hunter:

  • Use the dashboard to create Twitter threads.
  • Increase interaction with your tweets by including time delays.
  • To reach more users, automatically append fresh tweets based on engagement.
  • Use AI to create new ideas for tweets or to rewrite popular ones.
  • Find Twitter thread hooks that have been successful elsewhere and incorporate them into your own.
  • Study growth hacking techniques to make money from your tweets.
Circleboom Publish:

A powerful social media automation tool, Circleboom Publish, covers a number of well-known platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Making and scheduling Twitter threads is simple with Circleboom Publish. Connect your social network profiles, start a thread, and publish it right away or later.

Key features of Circleboom Publish:

  • For quicker image imports, the Compose Tweet tool has been integrated with Canva and Unsplash.
  • GIF search functionality included into Giphy to add to tweets.
  • With a 14-day free trial and affordable pricing starting at just $3.99 per month,

Perfect for evaluating whether Twitter thread scheduling fits your approach and testing it out


Another well-known program made just for writing and scheduling Twitter threads is called Typefully. Although it costs a little more than Circleboom Publish, it offers a variety of advanced features like statistics, collaboration tools, and information into the optimum times to tweet.

Key features of Typefully:

  • Team members can access your or your client’s Twitter account without knowing your login information.
  • Work together with colleagues to create a Twitter thread.
  • For greater exposure, turn the Twitter discussion into a blog article on Typefully.

OneUp is a tool for social media scheduling that also enables scheduling Twitter threads. Its feature-rich platform allows you to build account groups, schedule posts to Google My Business, and even automate updates using RSS feeds. It also supports numerous platforms and has a social media calendar.

Key features of OneUp:

  • Calendar for social media for simple planning
  • Several social media platforms are supported.
  • To effectively arrange accounts, create categories.
  • Integration with Canva and hashtag generator
  • provides a free account with a three-tweet restriction each thread.

Despite not having a built-in Twitter thread capability, SocialPilot provides a useful free utility called “Threadmagic.” You can repurpose your threads for greater exposure by turning any Twitter thread into a PDF using Threadmagic and sharing it on your LinkedIn profile or pages.

How to read long Twitter threads as a blog post:

You occasionally stumble across extensive Twitter threads that you don’t now have the time to read. In certain circumstances, you can turn the entire thread into a blog post using an app called Threadreaderapp. Just click the Twitter thread’s “Open” button and type “@threadreaderapp Unroll.” Your Twitter comment will come with a link to a blog post within seconds, making it simpler for you to read and share later.

To sum up, Twitter threads are a potent social media marketing trend that have the potential to take your or your client’s Twitter profile viral. With the correct tools, you can effectively develop, schedule, and reuse your threads for maximum impact. It makes sense to incorporate Twitter threads into your content strategy.

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