What Are The Best Online Tools To Know Everything About A Website

What Are The Best Online Tools To Know Everything About A Website

Want to contact the owner of a website? Are you interested in the host or technology of a website? Looking for information on accessibility and ad networks? Here is your guide to utilizing the online tools’ full potential to gain a thorough grasp of any website.

just-ping.com: With Just Ping, accessibility is guaranteed everywhere. This tool assesses a website’s global reach, taking into account places like Turkey, Egypt, and China. The site probably isn’t reachable from that area if the ping results show 100% Packet Loss.

who.is: Use Who.is to get in touch with the owner of a website. Contact information, including address, phone, and email numbers, is provided through this free lookup service. The whois databases of all significant domain registrars are simultaneously queried by this all-encompassing program.

whoishostingthis.com: Use WhoIsHostingThis to find out who hosts a particular website. This clever web tool provides the name of the hosting company. Useful for DMCA Notices or when thinking about changing web hosts.

chillingeffects.org: Chilling Effects can answer any questions you may have about copyright. This database preserves accusations of copyright infringement against websites and makes this useful data available to the general audience.

myip.ms: Visit MyIP.ms to view detailed website reports. Find out about the hosting companies, the locations, the IP address history, and the DNS information. Identical information can be obtained on Netcraft as well.

reversewhois.com: On reversewhois.com, a reverse whois lookup reveals more websites linked to a single person. Search using a domain registrant’s name or email address.

builtwith.com: The tech stack of a website is disclosed by BuiltWith. Tracking widgets, advertising partners, CDNs like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud, and mail service providers should all be identified.

ssllabs.com: Utilize ssllabs.com to validate SSL certificates. Ensure accurate installation, dependability, and error-free operation for site visitors.

semrush.com: Utilize SEMrush to examine the websites of rivals. Find out about traffic trends, competitive websites, and organic keywords.

dnsmap.io: Use dnsmap.io to monitor changes to DNS records. Ensure that A, CNAME, TXT, and MX records are propagated uniformly among all locations worldwide.

toolbox.googleapps.com: Use Google Toolbox to solve email problems. For effective message delivery, verify the DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records.

browserstack.com: Using BrowserStack, assess responsive design across platforms. Check for compatibility with different computers, tables, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

screenshot.guru: When a website is unavailable, use Screenshot Guru, hosted on Google Cloud, to determine whether it is down or not.

thinkwithgoogle.com: Think with Google can be used to measure the loading time of mobile websites. Review and compare site performance on 3G and 4G networks.

testmysite.io: Site loading times are measured globally by the Netlify tool TestMySite.io. Learn more about the ranks for loading times.

developers.google.com: For both desktop and mobile devices, Google Developers provides Page Speed ratings. Better performance is indicated by higher scores, which also include suggestions for development.

httparchive.org: Performance data is stored in HTTP Archive, which keeps track of page sizes, typical load times, and unsuccessful requests over time.

Website Monitor: Use the free, Google Sheets-based Website Monitor to receive notifications when your domain is offline.

Flush DNS: This tool, which is great for recent DNS changes, flushes the DNS cache. A web tool for updating cache is also offered by OpenDNS.

DomainTools: DomainTools allows you to monitor domains. Obtain notifications for domain renewal, expiration, nameserver changes, and registrant updates.

Utilize the power of these internet tools to run your website well and acquire insightful information. You may solve the puzzles of any website and improve your online visibility by utilizing their abilities.

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