WinRAR Checksum Error? Here’s How to Fix It!

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

WinRAR keeps displaying a checksum issue; are you having trouble extracting a RAR, ZIP, or another archive format? Fear not; your archive is likely the cause of this issue. But do not worry; you may solve the underlying issues and correct the error by using some troubleshooting advice. Let me help you with the procedure.

What causes WinRAR to show a checksum problem, then? Well, when your archive or its contents are damaged, this error appears. WinRAR does an integrity check while you try to extract the contents, and if it finds any damaged files in your archive, it displays the checksum error notice.

Let’s begin fixing the WinRAR checksum problem right away. Remember that there may be various causes for the problem, so you may need to attempt a few fixes before you find the best one. Here are some alternatives you can consider:

Use WinRAR’s “Keep Broken Files” Feature:

WinRAR often deletes corrupted files as soon as it comes across them during extraction, presuming that the corruption has rendered the file unusable. However, in some circumstances, you may still be able to recover a portion of the data from these damaged files or fix them using one of the many restoration solutions on the market.

Simply ask WinRAR to save your damaged files during extraction. In this method, even if your files are corrupt, the software won’t erase them. Here is how to go about it:

  • On your computer, look for your archive.
  • Do a right-click on it.
  • Select “WinRAR” after which click “Extract Files.”

These techniques will enable you to recover some data from corrupted files, which can come in handy in some circumstances.

With these troubleshooting suggestions, you may quickly fix WinRAR’s checksum problem and recover your extracted files. Keep trying several methods and being patient until you find the one that works for you. Cheers to extraction!

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

In the “Miscellaneous” section of the open window, simply enable the “Keep Broken Files” option. After that, click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

After extracting your archive, WinRAR will keep all of your files, even the damaged ones. You can now use your favourite repair tools or try to access your corrupted files.

The following actions should be followed in WinRAR to fix your archive:

Go to the folder where the archive is located by using the WinRAR program on your computer. Select your archive from the list, then click “Repair” in the file management of the app. You can extract your archive without any checksum or other issues if the repair operation is successful. By doing this, you can solve problems with your damaged archives rapidly.

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

Click “Browse” in the newly opened box to choose the folder where you want to save the repaired archive. Next, pick “Treat the Corrupted Archive as RAR” if your archive is a RAR file or “Treat the Corrupted Archive as ZIP” if it’s a ZIP file from the “Archive Type” menu. Simply click “OK” to start the procedure after finishing.

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

Once WinRAR has finished rebuilding your archive, you may find the updated archive in the folder you’ve chosen.

Use Another Archive Extraction Tool:

On rare occasions, the checksum error may not be related to your archives but rather to an issue with the extraction program, such as WinRAR.

Use a different archive app, such as the cost-free and well-known 7-Zip, to troubleshoot this. Try using 7-Zip to unarchive your files and check if the problem still exists.

If the extraction works with 7-Zip, you might wish to take care of any potential WinRAR problems. To fix any issues with the software, try uninstalling and reinstalling WinRAR on your computer. For details on how to achieve this, see the final section of this manual.

By going through these steps, you can identify the cause of the checksum mistake and determine the best way to ensure that your archives are extracted without any issues.

Re-Download Your Archive:

Consider downloading the archive file again if you keep getting the checksum error when trying to extract your archive. Your previous download might have been halted, leaving a damaged package.

To accomplish this, return to the website from whence you downloaded the archive and make a fresh download. Ask the sender to send the archive again if they sent it to you by email. To assure a non-corrupted copy of the archive for well-known software or games, choose a trustworthy alternative source like Microsoft Store or Steam.

By using this method, you may reduce the likelihood of a damaged download and raise the likelihood that you will be able to correctly extract your package without running into the checksum issue.

Turn Off Your Antivirus:

Your antivirus program could prevent your access and trigger WinRAR to display error messages if it thinks a file in your archive is harmful.

You can temporarily disable your antivirus application in this situation, but only for files you are confident are secure. After turning off your antivirus software, extract the package. Exercise caution, though, as a rogue download can actually damage your machine.

To disable the built-in antivirus on Windows 11 or Windows 10, navigate to Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection. In the “Virus & Threat Protection Settings” section, click on “Manage Settings” and turn off the “Real-Time Protection” toggle.

Recall to select “Yes” when prompted by the “User Account Control” dialog.

You might be able to fix the checksum mistake and securely access your archive’s contents by carefully following these instructions.

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

Once the antivirus has been turned off, try extracting your archive. You can proceed to re-enable your antivirus security if the extraction is successful. The antivirus program can see your extracted file as a threat and remove it, which is a possible problem. Before re-enabling the protection, add the file to the exclusion list of your antivirus program to prevent this. By doing this, you can make sure the utility won’t scan or delete the file and retain it in a secure location on your PC.

Remove and Reinstall WinRAR:

If you’re still having trouble extracting your archive, there’s a chance that your WinRAR application is to blame. To fix any problems in this case, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the software.

Go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps on Windows 11. Click the three dots next to WinRAR in the list and select “Uninstall.” To finish the uninstallation procedure, adhere to the prompt. Reinstall WinRAR after finishing to possibly resolve the extraction issue.

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

On Windows 10, go to Settings > Apps to uninstall WinRAR. Locate WinRAR, choose “Uninstall,” and then confirm your choice by choosing “Uninstall.”

WinRAR Checksum Error? Here's How to Fix It!

Visit the WinRAR website to download and install a fresh copy of the application once you’ve removed the previous one. Then, utilize this recently installed program to extract the information from your archive.

Congratulations! You are now aware of how to fix a computer’s WinRAR checksum error. Cheers to extraction!


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