Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

I used G Suite a few years ago to create domain-specific corporate email accounts. They recently stopped offering a free sign-up option, and each G Suite email account is now subject to payment.

You still have a few good options if you’re looking for free domain-specific email services. In order to create free email accounts, you can either use cPanel or your domain provider. Alternately, you might want to consider utilizing Zoho Mail.

I recently learned about a fantastic feature of Zoho Mail: free domain email addresses. You will definitely be excited by this finding. Even while Zoho Mail also has a paid version with more capabilities, organizations with up to 10 users can get by just fine with the free version. I’ll lead you through setting up your domain email address using Zoho Mail for free in this in-depth guide. So let’s get started and easily set up your domain-specific email!

Step by Step Guide to Create Business Email using Zoho Mail:

With Zoho Mail, getting started and setting up your domain email is simple and takes no more than 7 minutes. Here’s a how-to manual to get you going:

Enter your domain email address on the free mail signup page for Zoho Mail (insert link).

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

After clicking “Add domain,” complete the signup form on the following page. You can choose to use your name or any other desired identification, or any email address (I used “admin” as an example). You can add up to 9 extra email accounts with the free plan.

After completing the form, you’ll get a confirmation that you’ve signed up for the free light plan. Here is a screenshot of my confirmation page for your perusal:

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

With Zoho Mail’s simple signup and setup procedures, you can have your domain email operational in a matter of minutes.

Verifying Domain ownership on Zoho Mail:

Easily verify domain ownership by following these easy steps:

You will be taken to the verification page when you click “Proceed to verify domain ownership.” Three choices are available in Zoho Mail: CNAME, TXT, and HTML file upload. The HTML verification method, which entails downloading and uploading a file to your root server, is the quickest and easiest to use.

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

You can connect to your web server for HTML verification using either cPanel FTP management or FileZilla (a desktop FTP client). Here is a helpful guide on how to use FileZilla if you’re new to it.

A successful verification of your domain using one of the three methods will result in a success message similar to the one below. This shows that you’re prepared to move forward with setting up your business email:

Once domain ownership has been established, you are prepared to proceed with setting up your business email account with Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

Update MX record of completing Zoho business Email setup:

The MX record must be updated in order to enable your business email seamlessly. Here is a detailed instruction:

You may find the precise MX record needed for website activation by clicking “Change MX record,” which will take you there.

In my instance, Hostgator hosts my website. Enter your domain name on the next screen after finding the “MX entry” under the mail section of your Hostgator cPanel by logging in. On the email configuration page for the Zoho domain, add the MX record that is offered.

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

Return to the Zoho domain setup to finish the process after adding the MX record.

When everything is finished, you’ll have access to your dashboard, which you may use whenever you want [insert dashboard URL]. For corporate emails, Zoho’s dashboard provides a variety of capabilities, such as branding, domain aliases, and spam filters.

Zoho Mail Free Domain Email Setup Guide In Next 7 Minutes

But Zoho also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, and I thought their iOS app was particularly good. If you used Google Apps in the past and are looking for a replacement, Zoho Mail is the ideal choice.

The cost-effectiveness of Zoho Mail is another appealing aspect for customers of Google Apps already. With the help of their migration tool and a helpful guide accessible ([insert migration tool guide link]), you can easily migrate your current Google Apps account and emails. You only need to log in at mail.zoho.com to access your email.

By opening a free or premium Zoho Mail account, you may explore all of the features. I promise you won’t be let down. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments if you’ve used other services to get free business email addresses. Don’t forget to share this helpful information with others on Facebook and LinkedIn so they may learn more about Zoho Mail’s advantages.

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